Friday, October 10, 2014

The UK Life - London it is.

Heathrow Airport London

Fortunately there was no one on the seat beside me so the trip went along very well, I wanted to get a corner seat so I can look outside and think about happy things but that wasn't to be. The lunch and supper was good by chance. The flight went fine, it landed a little late due to the weather but thank God it did.

The moment I came out of the airplane a Sikh was standing outside, as sad as I was still could not hide my smile, the last time I moved away from family the first person I met was a Sikh as well.
It was a long line as usual for me to wait. Fortunately there were other Pakistanis in the flight too so I was able to talk to them instead of staring at others.

Hi, welcome. The officer said.
Thank you, I replied.
You are here to resume university? She asked.
Yes, I replied.
It is your first time here?
Yes, I replied.

I collected my luggage but there was an old Pakistani uncle waiting for his luggage and was extremely worried so he asked me to help him find his luggage, took me 20 minute more but it felt good as long as you stayed with someone from Pakistan.

My Aunt was there to receive me with one of her friend who was also a Pakistani. She brought me a biscuit and a chocolate which she told her son brought from Spain and that she misses her so much and that she was here to see me because everyone young reminded me of her son who doesn’t come home anymore except vacations.

The Taxi that was booked was driven by a Sri Lankan. He told me he completed his MBA here and is now driving taxi because he was able to earn more from driving then completed his degree. Degraded I felt, haha. He wished me luck for my future studies and kept me asking the meaning of “ Kya haal hai “ as some Indians kept asking him the same question again and again.

Aunt’s house was not that big but she lives alone here, she served me with so many things to eat at the same time that I can’t even name the things, gladly I was able to take a pic of the table while she was cleaning it after the dinner.

It was warm at night but still had to take a blanket, slept early so I don’t have to think about all the sad things.

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