Saturday, October 11, 2014

The UK Life - New Beginning

London Street

This also resulted in me waking up early the next morning, I called a few people for accommodation’s help and then went out with her to take a trip of the nearby market. Beautiful this place is, that’s the least I can say. Even a normal street is in a way beautiful than any other place. Must say this place is the most different from anything I have ever experienced in my life.

People keep to their own stuff not bothering anyone else. Oh yes the people here at so outgoing and bold and it really kinda bothers me.

Main aim of the trip was to buy a new local sim but we forgot to do that and came back with vegetables and stuff. Visited so many malls at the same time that my legs hurt now.

The moment I am writing this article I really have no emotions at all, I am just trying to type anything and everything I can remember right now, there is this excitement at the back of my mind maybe but the fears are more dominant.

Hopefully I will settle down early, still have to reach my university and find an accommodation so next few days won’t be that easy.

This completes my 24 hours the new place, MANY MANY more hours to go and hopefully they will be good successful ones.

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