My Eye Opening Experience as a PTI Tabdeeli Razakar.


For a writer it is very easy to play with words, to spread a message, to motivate people, theoretically. But all my life I had waited for an opportunity, to actually do something practical, this always has been a part of me, this is the reason I am an engineering student.

Being a PTI Tabdeeli Razakaar was just like a dream, a part of my bigger dream. Up till now It has been an experience of a life time. Going to places, interacting with people, convincing them, arguing with them, forcing them. It was also a duty, a promise made to Imran Khan that we will spread his message and convince at least 20 people per person to vote for PTI.

It was an eye opener really, I don't know who will win the elections later, who will have more seats, who will form a government, but now I know for sure that people want change, people are tired of everything and that people see PTI as a hope and Imran Khan as a leader.

Thankfully I fulfilled my promise and listed 100 people from my friends and family who will vote for PTI. It is a request to you all, especially the people who are below 18 or the people who couldn't get their vote registered to convince people around you to vote for PTI, convince your parents, your elders, just because you cannot vote doesn't mean you can't be of any help, you can be of such a big help, you can be a part of a revolution which you will be proud of in the coming years.


Me: One Pepsi Please.
Him: Okay, what are you guys doing? 
Me: We are making people vote for Imran Khan. It is a difficult job.
Him: I will vote for the first time in my life.
Me: Oh, who will you vote?
Him: Oh this isn't even a question, I will vote for Imran Khan.

'You know why?' He started. 'Because I am running this shop for the past 5 years. Couple of years ago, I was diagnosed with cancer' he picked up his shirt and tried showing me. 'I thought this was the end for me. I had a big family to support and we had no money. Someone advised me to visit Shaukat Khanam hospital and see today I am standing right infront of you. They cured me, my bill was 1.5 million rupees, and they didn't charge a single penny.' Tears Rolled over. 'Do you have any idea how much it means to me and my family? I have a new life now.'

I stood up. 
'Any way I can help?" He asked. 
'Yes, anyone who comes to your shop, convince them to vote for PTI.' I said. 
'I already do that' He said. 
He didn't even charge me for the Pepsi.  


Me: Sir, I am a PTI TR, I am here as a part of the campaign.
Him: Don't worry I will vote for PTI. Sit down, let me tell you why.

'I was 14 years old back then' He started. 
'It was announced at my school that Imran Khan will visit for a fund raising event because he wants to build a cancer hospital, I was happy. Only last year he had won us the World Cup.'

Few weeks later Imran Khan was standing at the stage of our assembly hall, every student was called upon one by one, when my name was announced I went on the stage, stood infront of Imran Khan, handed him 500 rupees that I had saved from my pocket money, a photograph was taken, I came back jumping in joy, that had to be the best day of my life'

He continued: 'I also saved my pocket money for Nawaz Shareef's "Qarz utaro, Mulq Sanvaro" scheme but look what happened.

'Today when I look back at these events I am proud to say that I saved my pocket money for the right person, today I can be proud of the fact that I contributed for Shaukat Khanam Hospital. And don't worry, I will vote for PTI. I know Imran Khan will make " Naya Pakistan".


We knocked at this door. A man came out and asked who are we. We told him the reason and within minutes he was furious. Started shouting at us. "Go away you idiots. Don't ever knock at my door again, you people have no manners this and that and etc etc'.

It was shocking, we were about to go away when his wife came out.

Wife: Oho why are you shouting at them? Is this the way to talk with these boys? See they are working in extreme heat.
He said nothing and went inside.
Wife: Beta don't worry we will vote for Imran Khan, we all will vote for Imran Khan if he doesn't want to vote for him his choice. Especially my daughters want to vote for PTI.
She continued: Your uncle's friend is participating in these elections and he wants us to vote for him, but we won't. I promise you that.


These were three youngsters. The moment we asked who will they vote for, two of them said PTI while the other one said he will vote for PMLN. He started explaining.

See CM has changed Lahore, the metro bus service, he has made all these fly overs and roads  it is infront of our eyes. He said.
His friend: Ahan? Alright so do you have a job?
Him: No but Metro bus is the quickest mode of transport now.
His friend: Were you called for that internship program you applied for?
Him: No, there must have been some problem, otherwise...
His other friend: No but is Lahore the only Punjab?
Him: No but he will get another chance he will change Punjab.
His friend: How many chances do you want to give them?
Him: Um.. look .. Lahore ..
His friend: Hey guys. Don't you worry about him we will take him with us and make him vote for PTI. He knows from his heart that other parties won't do anything they haven't done anything for us.


This man called me the other day.

Him: Hi, you are Raafay?
Me: Yes, who are you?
Him: I read your article on this facebook page about Imran Khan and I just wanted to tell you one thing.
Me: Oh yes sure go ahead.
Him: I Just got married. My wife's family used to vote for PMLN throughout their lives, but now I have convinced them to vote for PTI, I argued with them all day on my Valima, quoted your article at several places and finally they were convinced. We recently went to meet the  PTI candidate from our area and all our extended families have promised him to vote for PTI. Oh and by the way we are 1200 people. And please, pleaaaaase, pleaaaaaaaaase, let me know if I can be of anymore help in any way. I really do want to help.


  1. Sigh..
    Woh fareb khurda shaheen jo pala ho kargason mein
    Usse kya khabar ki kya hai rah-o-rasm-o-shaah baazi

  2. Three years before I can finally vote! I tried convincing my van driver not to vote for PML(N) and he was like I haven't thought it out yet. All my attempts are bringing no fruit! :( And many of the people are like, Karachi mein rehte hoi mqm ke ilawa kis ko vote day sakte hain. Their workers stand in every polling station and force you to vote for mqm!

  3. Good one mate. I just searched if there is another blog except mine and I saw this. I would like to put this writing on my blog if you allow.

  4. You can with the proper name and the original link at the top :)

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