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Raafay Awan

I am Raafay and my name means the "one who never let others down". For some odd reason, this name suits me perfectly because my life from the very beginning has been full of expectations, in whatever way it maybe. I have always had to be 'good boy' for everyone. Everything that everyone else normally does, for me is not normal. I can recall several hundred reactions when everyone has gone like ' Raaafay? Did this? No no this can't be true' whenever I have deviated from the way I am. It feels like a load of expectations and this load of expectations has changed me somewhat and made me into the person I am today. To be very honest, I am thankful for that.

It hasn't been a silky smooth ride though, it has been a topsy turvy and dramatic life all along the way. Full of tough times, strange events, full of happiness, excitement, setbacks and also some success. When I look back at it, It has been a tough and challenging journey and I thank Allah for blessing me and guiding me through difficult phases of my life. I do now believe that life and the people in it, teach you everything you need to learn, with time. Over time, I have learnt a lot and I guess I know how deal with the toughest of times alone and fight for your own-self, that said, bad times just never seem to end do they. Also, these experiences have made me capable of differentiating between good and bad.

I like being stupid lame etc at times and don't care what people say about me. 'Funny' has been the way I spread my words because that has been the way people listen to what you say more carefully, rather than when you say something in a bored serious way. I like to try everything new. I love traveling around the world and exploring, I love going back to the old times in history and learn about what happened in the past, I love talking to people more and more and new people as I believe humans teach more than books can actually do. One of my hobby is observing the things around me, this is one thing that has helped me in everything. I don't have have one inspiration. I have different inspirations in different fields of life. But yes, Jawad Ahmad is one of the person who has inspired me a lot not only by his music but by his words and actions.

Just so you know what an addiction it is for me, I eat and drink and sleep and breathe Cricket. I am from a proud cricket family. My grandfather has served Pakistan as a player, captain, winning both World Cups as a coach. Cricket has always been my motivation, more so because that's the only thing that unites us these days as a country. I love everything about it. I also want to be the world's first Cricketologist.

I have been fortunate enough to travel around the world and it is one of my dreams to travel the whole world, meet new people, explore new cultures, try new food, just learn as much as I can while enjoying the beautiful sights. That led me to become a travel photographer as well, though just a random unknown one, I just love capturing beautiful sights.

Main aim is to do something special for my country, something exceptional that can result in something good for people, I know what I want to do and how to do it, let us see if I am able to do so God willing, or just like so many people turn out to be a man of words? I hope not. I want my life to be an example for everyone. I want to be the one who sets examples for others by my actions and I try my best for that though I'm no way near perfect.

They have added me in the list of top 100 youngest blogger world but I aim higher. I know I'm not good at writing, I know I'm not the best, but I just have one thing in my mind when I write. That's to convey all the good things I see and all the worth things I read, to the people.

Life has been tough for sure, therefore I know how much it means if you can make someone smile, can be there for them when they need, I want to do that, I want to make people smile, be there for them and prove myself as a true friend, want to spread happiness.

My main aims are to open at least two schools over time for kids who cannot afford education, and to enhance the Softer Image of Pakistan in whatever capacity I can. I love Pakistan more than anything, our country is going through a difficult phase and is one the verge of destruction. Just so that world may know we are not just terrorist and extremists but we are the most loving and caring and friendly people and a nation that loves peace and harmony like anyone else.


  1. Now this is what i call inspirational! ^_^ Fly High!

  2. Thank you so much Areeba, nice to see your comment ^_^

  3. keep moving raafay with the same motivation and spirit....Pakistan need youngsters like you.

    wish you all the best

    Stay Blessed :)

  4. Thank you so much Anonymous, It would have been so much better If I knew who it was :)

  5. whats ur grandads name?

  6. RAAFAY this is what i call writing blogs. GREAT WORK! Nugget you're awesome bro :'D

  7. Thanks alot Bilal, means alot ^_^

  8. This is so good mashaAllah. (Y)

  9. its really inspirational and awesome

  10. Just came across your blog. You aim high, sound really optimistic and love cricket, seem honest and dedicated to Pakistan, few people are like that today. Keep aiming high, for the right reasons, and in sha Allah you will make your family, country, people proud. :)

  11. The Best, Raffay :"DD

  12. Woah amazing, Raafay. Truly inspirational. Keep it up. ^_^

  13. Been reading your blog. You're a good kid. :)

  14. you are such a good writer
    inspiration for me ^_^
    good luck :)

  15. Is it you who is being a big trend in Pakistan today?

  16. Perfect inspiration you are.

  17. Very nice. Your grand dad name?

  18. This is so inspirational. This world needs more people like you!

  19. You're an incredible person.

  20. NIce to meet you, famous person and writer.


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