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20th June 2012


Raafay Awan

A place of perfection, love, happiness and harmony, a pace where only the lucky ones can reach in their life, others are always in search of it. 
In search of all the good things in life.

The concept of Finding Neverland is taken from the movie of the same name.

The movie details the experiences of author J.M. Barrie, a failed writer who lacks any inspiration. After one of his plays flops, Barrie meets four boys and their widowed mother in the park. During the next months, the child-like Barrie plays with the boys daily, and their imaginative games give him ideas for a play which lead him to write the children's classic "Peter Pan", a story about children who don't want to grow up and live in a place called Neverland which is full of  happiness. Simultaneously, his friendship deepens with Sylvia, the lads' mother, but she is suffering from an incurable disease. She produces her first stage drama with Barrie. but cannot attend it on the opening day due to her health, so arrangements are made to have an abridged production of it performed in her home.Those are the best moments of her life. She dies shortly afterward.

About This Blog

I have always thought of this blog as a place which is all about sharing experiences, learnings and observations in life. A place to express thoughts, opinions, feelings to the world in a positive way, to get friends and to share with them happy and sad moments. With the belief that imagination is stronger than knowledge. That myth is more potent than history. That dreams are more powerful than facts, that hope always triumphs over experience, that laughter is the only cure for grief, and that love is stronger than death.


The primary aim of the blog is to enhance the softer image of Pakistan. 

Our country is going through a difficult phase and people have a very negative view about such an amazing country full of amazing people. Just so that world knows we aren't terrorist or extremists but we also have a soft side, we are more than what we are portrayed. That we are loving, caring, friendly and talented people, our country has so many beautiful and historic places to visit and most importantly we are a nation that loves peace and harmony like anyone else.

The secondary aim is to give people a chance and a place to portray their talent. 

We are just a drop in the ocean, there are many talented patriotic and imaginative people out there who can bring change, make a difference and actually want to do something for their country.

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