Tuesday, May 22, 2012

When an old man taught me a lesson.

It was 7am today when I went out for breakfast. Ordered the breakfast and were waiting for it when an old man came near and sat down. He was poor and asked the people who were sitting there to buy him something to eat.

No one was willing, infact two people were very rude to him. So he sat down on a chair. After a couple of minutes this strange thing happened.

He started reciting the Holy Quran in his beautiful voice. But that was not it!

He read one ayat in Arabic, translated this ayat into English and then in Urdu and then in Punjabi and then in Pashto and then moved on to the other one.

He read almost the firt 15 ayats of Surah Baqara with the translation in different languages and also explained the details in Urdu language.

Most of the ayat were related to the difference between rich and poor on how Allah has made everyone equal. 

In the end he prayed for the well being of Pakistan and sat quietly.

Just then two people who had tears in their eyes stood up, went near him and asked the waiter to bring him breakfast!


  1. Ma sha Allah! Very inspiring! :)

  2. Yes indeed, just these small things make big difference :)

  3. Indeed, just a boring observation teaches you a lot :)

  4. SUBHAN'ALLAH.. :)

    Wohi tu hai jo nizam e hasti chala raha hai....
    wohi KHUDA hai.. !!!!

  5. Thank you Ridaa :) btw you were on twitter if im not wrong? :)