Friday, May 18, 2012

When sparrows taught me a lesson.

Published in Teen Ink USA.
Published in VShine World UAE. (Story of the month).

We were playing cricket in our front lawn when my friend asked me to look at the corner where sparrows were sitting. I ignored it and asked himto continue playing, he had to stop though as his friends came to visit.

Frustrated as I was, unwillingly I took off the pads and helmet and sat on the chairs. It was a pleasant evening with the sun about to set with cool breeze blowing so I decided to sit for a little while longer and in pure boredom started to stare at the sparrows.

They were three of them, a baby sparrow and its parents. They were sitting on the tree and I guess arguing about something when suddenly both the parents pushed the baby sparrow down who feel on the soft grass. Trying its best to fly the baby sparrow just could not.

It tried again and again to fly but was unable to do so, the parents kept on chirping, perhaps motivating their baby to try its best. This exercise went on for about 10 minutes without any fruitful result. The baby sparrow looked tired now after multiple tries.

Just then the weather started to change and the dust storm was on its way. It was a ferocious one and everything was filled with dust within minutes, the parents looked worried now. It was almost dark and they had to go back to their nests but were not able to as the baby was stuck in our lawn.

I was there to make the matters worse though, started scaring the bird with the hard ball, trying to help it fly. It started jumping and fluttering its wings, trying its level best. I soon realized that scaring the bird won't really help the matters so I went near it, caught the bird in my hands and placed it on the branch of the tree where the other two sparrows were sitting.

Just when I turned back in triumph and happiness I was amazed to see that the parents threw the baby sparrow down again. It has started to rain now and the weather was getting worse. Baby sparrow tried and tried again and after another patient 10 more minutes was successful in making its first flight.

All of the sudden the family started to chirp again, this time with a different tone, most probably in triumph and happiness.. and all the three birds flew away to their nest.

I just thought these birds are better than us humans or atleast me who gives up hope within no time..But here are these birds no matter how hard the situation was they tried and tried without any fear in mind and achieved their target. There was a lesson to be learnt, Indeed! 


  1. Wow u must have a lotta time to spare lol -_- ... v.well written :)

  2. This is awesome :D

  3. Well, i never give up..=) must have sparrows genes. hahaha


  4. Reminds me a school lesson...inspiring seriously.. :)

  5. Well written pal =D Lubed it ^__^

  6. Thank you Dur E Mahwish, thank you so much!! yaaay its your first ever comment on the FN blog :D

  7. i love sparrows :-).... they really are better than us humans...

  8. True, sometimes these creatures taught us a big lesson :)