Friday, February 10, 2012

Not Answered.

By Maham Shahbaz.

How more ironic could this life get?
Crying while smiling,
Dying while living,
Scared while boldly claiming,
Lying while telling the truth,

Blessed? yes , if that means cursed
Loved? Yes , if that means hatred
Noticed? Yes , if that means ignored
Cared for? Yes , if that means ignorance

I’m happy with you but that is wrong
I’m not alone , yet no one is around
I can see the light but its all so dark
I can see the white but its all so black

Why give the power to dream,
when its just a fantasy ?
Why make a dream world when
reality is where every one has to live ?
Why are we in this hell,
when we didn’t ask for it? Did we
do something wrong?

Ungrateful ? are we all not ungrateful?
For we were not given a choice,
Helpless we are , but there is no other option,
But who can question?
We don’t want to be called as traitors
Doubt no one while every one can doubt you.