Friday, February 10, 2012

Life changes, Life goes on !

There come such people in you life who change you forever. change you for good mostly! You try your best to resist, you try your best to keep a distance, you try your best to ignore the facts but then there is a time when you just can't.

Its a 360 degree change, Isn't it!

Life turns upside down, you can't stay away even for one day, all you want to do is to talk and talk with the person who has brought sudden, pleasant change in your life. The sweetness of their voice makes your day, All you do and think is them. All you wish for is that angel, all you want is their love, All you dream is staying with them forever.

Then two possibilities appear...

1) Your dreams turn true, become reality, and life goes on with a new spark.

2) Reality sets in, you wake up from your dream and life  still goes on, the usual way.

Which option does your life has?!


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    1. well,my life has one of the above mentioned options.but i would emphasise that life's good! :D

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    1. you welcome :D

    2. hey raafay! Would you like telling how you get this idea?:D means you must av experienced or felt the same way,or is this an observation?!most writers r gud observers :)

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    1. lol..ok,may be next time!:D

  4. Sameen Zia you are right :) writers are good observers, but it just came randomly, so foran se likh dia :D
    Can say its an observation of a human being.

  5. " Sameen Zia and Maham Shahbaz are facebook friends " .... now that settles the issue :D

  6. Every1 anonymous isnt me -____- and wow heey sameen watsup :p

  7. haha okay then I know who it is :P
    hey Sameen whats up? :D

  8. hmm,so its an observation of a human being?obviously!i never meant by asking that u must av observed a cat or a donkey?:p
    raafay?who is ths anonymous u all r so curious abt!;)

  9. No its an observation as a neutral human being :D there are loads people to observe in this world arent there?!

    haha seriously not sure whose this, but I have an idea :P

  10. who is it then?ur right!:D

  11. Leave the guesses for now, better tell yourself :P