Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Valentines Day Letter.

Please Note: This is not me wishing anyone a Valentines Day, In fact it is the way I would Imagine a sincere boy should wish a girl. Just random thoughts.

Dear Girl,

Never had I Imagined my life will change so much, Never had I thought I'll love you so much. You have changed my life, you have changed the way I see life. I LOVE YOU more than anything and everything, I love you without any conditions and relations.
Yes, you are the bestest gift I could have ever wished on a valentine. You are like a rose to me, red one, fresh one. whose fragrance makes my day. Without a doubt you are the most delicate and fluffy cotton like girl I have ever seen. Your voice makes my day, your laughs make me laugh, your smile makes me happy, your cuteness and beauty makes me feel as If I'm the luckiest person on this planet. Well In short, you are the BEST! All I want you is to stay happy and keep smiling forever. All I pray to god is that there be no place for sadness and sorrows in your life and I promise I'll try my best for that to happen and  be a part of it. Never doubt, I trust you more than anyone, I need you more than anything. I'm sorry If I've hurt you unintentionally or made you sad. To me you are all the good things in this world, call it a tasty strawberry, call it the most beautiful Princess, call it the tweeting bird of the morning, call if a garden full of colorful flowers, call it a Candy, call it a Doll, call it Sweetheart or maybe call it the sunshine, the morning time which makes me excited about a new day awaiting, or let me say it, call YOU mine. Stay the way you are and never change, with lots love, hugs, kisses, Happy Valentines Day!

Forever yours,

A sincere Boy.