Saturday, October 25, 2014

The UK Life - Skills test Result

Self Cooking

I had a day off on Monday but had to collect the result of my skills test from the University in the afternoon, I called Vishak and asked him when he will be free so we could go and pick up our results together. Most of my day was spent reading about the different courses I was gonna study and getting used to some of the online learning techniques. More of a person who likes book in hand instead of reading from the internet or a pdf fine, but well anyways looks like I will have to get used to this stuff. Well I went to take the result and to my surprise I had the highest marks among all the international student, the course was optional for me now but Vishak forced me to take up the course as he will get bored so I did, in any case if will improve my skills, well hopefully. There was nothing much to do later at night so I tried sleeping early. Oh and btw this was the first day when I actually made my breakfast and lunch myself. Talking about sleeping early, so well I could not sleep early, tried so much to sleep early but this exercise was fruitless and wasted my two hours, finally slept though, a little nervous about my first day tomorrow, let's hope it will be a good day. 

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