Saturday, October 25, 2014

The UK Life - Finally, University


There was no doubt and I could tell I was feeling nervous about my university, my eyes were dark red when I went to wash my face so it were clear signs that I couldn't sleep much. Made breakfast and got ready quickly, reached the university at around 9:45 and quickly had go for my attendance. Attendance system here is interesting, you have to scan your card on the scanner at the reception desk, even during the lectures the professor keeps a mini scanner where we scan our cards for attendance. My first lecture was at the 10th floor and I had to climb so many steps to reach the room and unfortunately the lecture had already started, but .. the professor could not come due to the traffic jam. There were several students in the class all of them had a coffee mug or something to eat in their hands, well nice way to study isn't it haha. I was finding it really weird as I was the only one taking notes of the lecture and others were staring at me like I am an alien. The first lecture was separated as the professor came late but trust me it was one of the most boring lecture I have ever attended.

Mohammed my classmate and Libyan friend was out there waiting for me, we went to the cafe where he had another mug of coffee while I just sat there and saw people, our next lecture was without a gap so we went to the lab the professor teaching here was a Pakistani which was such a big relief for me, though he is a British Pakistani but still you know, Pakistani is Pakistani. One thing I have noticed about all the professors here is that they are so so friendly and have such good sense of humor. Well we have bee taught a new software NX and it was really tough, I will have to really struggle hard for it, oh and I had a cupcake to eat thanks to Mohammed. He wanted me to meet another Pakistani friend of his who supports PTI but I was too tired for it. He said he should be given a Pakistani visa as most of his life he has been living with Pakistanis and knows so much about Pakistan.

I came back and made lunch and after that all I have done is to sit and lay down and sit and lay down and try to sleep, I am writing this quickly as hopefully tomorrow if all goes right InshaAllah I will start working too so life will get busy, good night.

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