Thursday, October 23, 2014

The UK Life - The Sun is Shining

Sunshine in London

Friday we just had one session from 10 AM to 1 PM with a lunch at the end. I felt like I have been isolating myself and not going out much so I decided to skip the university and go out and try things that I have been avoiding. So I went to the Town center and spent almost two hours looking at things around, on how do people buy them and what are the prices of the things. It was the first day that the sun was out so I went to the nearby park and sat there in the sunshine for about one hour. I also went out bought a shawarma and then a pepsi bottle can and came back to the apartment and gave myself a good tasty and well deserved treat. Got really emotional at the end of the day though, suddenly started missing home and family. These are tough times really, will write about them separately.

This boy was shivering so much today, I went and asked him if he was alright, he told me yes he was dancing/moving on the music. That’s how my Saturday started, it was the most boring day perhaps as I just sat in my room, watched a cricket match and then the Liverpool vs Everton football match which ended in 1-1 draw and made me sad, I went out again and bought another shawarma, and right now I am writing this article so you know, most of the day in front of the laptop doing work. Oh and also setting up my new sim.

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