Thursday, November 29, 2012

"A Struggling Butterfly"

Forget about the treacherous past,
Dont dwell over the unseen future,
Live for the present moment, they say...
And then life would be beautiful,
Like the sweet dew drops on leaves;
Like the rainbow high up in the sky;
Like the flight of the mighty eagle.
Such were once my fantasies too...
then my cocoon fell away,
I spread my wings and I flew away.
I flew over land, water too;
Fluttered through meadows, among blooming flowers.
Drinking in the beauty, making fond memories.
But then Spring went away and Summer came..
And it too soon bid me good-bye.
Now the days were gloomy, nights cold.
All my friends;
Roses, poppies and daisies,
Tulips, jasmines and lilies,
I lost them in the deep snow.
I fought against the relentless rains,
Alone I was, against the stormy winds.
But I fought and I fought and I fought..
Alas I grew weak and tired and spent.
Lying underneath the broken branch,
For the sun I waited, all the time.
How then could I not think of the glorious past?
nor dwell over my clouded future?
The harsh winter, though, was now receding back,
But the dark clouds of apprehension grew ever black,
Making the vaguest hope fog with misgivings..
What a wonderful adventure I imagined life was!
Reflecting over the past I thought.
How foolish the people who,
Nourished into a blooming tree,
Those seedlings of a pleasant dream.
Lying under the broken, old branch..
A thought wrenched open my heart,
Maybe my share of springs, I had already seen.