Sunday, June 19, 2016

Cliché but not so Cliché

It is not easy to stand alone and be recognized when you don't want but then you have no choice.
There is no shame in admitting that I am not good with people when it comes to asking them to stay and time and time again this thing has cost me some dearest people in my life. But then, I just don’t get the point of people leaving. They should not. Maybe they have their own reasons, or friends are influenced by something that I do, but still that is not a good excuse.

One thing that I notice is that they will be kind to you for the first time, they will be nicer the next time but the third time they will become the usual rude and show their true colors. Unfortunately, that is something I have observed a lot. That old Cliché.

I have to maintain my privacy but are so good at fooling themselves and don’t seem to be trustworthy enough, which leaves me no choice. It is so hard to stand alone and feel the world crumble under your feet. There is no way I am going to compromise on anything that can harm the peace in my life, I have struggled a lot to obtain it.

But I still believe, that no matter what, people who want to be a part of your life will always come back to you. Sooner, rather than later and I am not giving up. I will wait.

These have been some happening days for me. My semester result was the best I have ever had. That has more to do with me being on my own instead of me studying properly. When you just have one thing to focus on, you are able to perform well. The more I am studying, the more I realize that Bachelors level degree does not have that much importance these days. I don’t want to study more, but then I don’t really see what else the option will be.

Ramadan is supposed to be good, a blessed month for everyone. It has been nice, but there has been something bothering me. I don’t know what it is, and I don’t know why I feel this way, but always some sort of unknown tension on my mind is doing me no favors.

I am badly in need of some cricket, be it playing or watching. Still more than a month to go in the series between Pakistan and England. Football is there, and it is a good time pass, but when your favorite team gets to play a minimum of three games throughout the tournament, it is had to maintain the excitement. One the flip side, going out with friends at a pub (not to drink okay) and enjoying football the British way has been an amazingly different experience.

I have this fear that my habit of writing will finish very soon just like the habit of reading completed all of a sudden. I really can't afford to do that since that is the only peaceful activity along with photography that I can do. I need a way to balance all my routines and give some time to writing. I mean, I can write very few lines every day instead of trying to write a complete article in one go? Maybe that will help.

Happy Ramadan to everyone! Along with following the cliché ways of reading Quran and Namaz and thinking your fast is complete, try to pray in a different way. Try to help people I am sure there are several other sunnah we can follow instead of the typical ones. Holy Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) was versatile like that. 

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  1. Hey. I am sorry if ever I bothered you. I was not saying anything to you, That Sunnah thing n all. i was giving my excuse. You are a nice guy and I cant afford you.