Saturday, June 18, 2016

Bird, Colors, Everything

Birds! There is a lot about them which excites people. Colorful. They are free, they are pure, and they always return back to the ones they love. They fly as if there is no burden, they chirp in the most beautiful melody, and they always care for the ones who are important to them.

People come and go in everyone's life. Same is the case with my life. Nothing exceptional. Everyone has good and bad experiences in their life. There have been people in my life too. Some stayed. Some left. Some while shouting and some without saying anything. All of them taught me about life in different ways. But you hope, wish and try the way you can, for some of them to stay in your life.

Then some people enter your life, totally unexpected. The moment they do, you know this is going to be something special. You are so careful in everything, trying not to mess anything up. But when you know what you want, and the intentions are right, you aren’t afraid of taking risks. This journey with you has been that way.

I've absolutely loved this ride with you. You aren't like others, and that is the thing which attracted me to you the most. The way you were so careful in the beginning, how you noticed things about me to make a judgment, the way you still trusted me with all the doubts and assumption. I loved it. I loved the way you were careful. I took it as a challenge. Because I knew. I'll win this challenge.

You're beautiful. From the outside. Prettiest girl I have seen. Cute. Soft. Delicate. There have been times when I just wanted to hug you while looking at your pictures. Too adorable. I feel like kissing your cheeks. They give that refreshing feeling. Your lips. Incredibly soft. They are worth kissing. I imagine how it will feel placing mine on yours while holding you close. I love your eyes too. Mesmerizing. I could look into them for long. And then your smile, worth dying for.  It makes me want to close my eyes and imagine you in my arms.

You're beautiful. From the inside. Like the sunshine. Your heart is precious. I feel like making a place in it for myself forever. You're sensitive. It suits you and makes me want to care for you. It makes me want to close my eyes and imagine you in my arms. I like how you are so responsible and caring at such a young age. You are humble too. The first thing I liked about you was that you have a strong opinion on most things. Bless you! You never get angry. Oh and not forgetting the fact that you are absolutely crazy. Your sense of humor is something I never thought I would get to see. I enjoy every moment of it. 

Just know that you're valuable to me. You've become very precious. You're the first person I actually want to tell all my secrets too. You're the person I'll always want in my life. You're the person I know will stand by my side no matter what happens. Most importantly you are the person that adds happiness and excitement in my life. 

Just know that you are the bird I have always wanted, the one thing in life I never had and the everything that I have ever wished for.

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