Monday, December 14, 2015


Written By: Hasaan Arshad

He looked.
Not at you, nor me.
At the Sky.
The Stars greeted him.
The Moon knelt before him.
And the Ever-Darkness bowed his head.
All the Things were gathered.
He looked at them, and smiled.
A rusty one, mind you.
Then, he left.
Bid them farewell.
Shut the curtains.
He talked with his family.
His Mother, shone with Beauty.
His Sister, shone with Creativity.
His Son, shone with Innocence.
His Father, shone with Care.
His Wife, shone with Love.
All the family was gathered.
He looked at them, and smiled.
Then, he left.
Bid them farewell.
He slept.
He opened his eyes.
The ceiling.....there was no ceiling.
He looked at his tattered house.
He got up.
No one.
He took his drinks and looked outside.
The sky was brown.
The air was noisy.
There was blood and screams.
He went outside.
Grabbed his gun.
On the porch, stood five graves.
He walked past them.
Only a single tear was shed.
Oh! How he wanted to sleep again.
To be with them.
To laugh and care.
But that was but a dream.
And this is...Reality.

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