Tuesday, December 15, 2015

One Year after the Peshawar Attack.

Peshawar Massacre

It was exactly one year ago on this date, 16th December 2014 when some 'brave' terrorists attacked a school and massacred 144 kids of Peshawar. An act of terrorism that left unforgettable memories and unrecoverable scars on everyone who has any kind relation with Pakistan and moved everyone else around the world.

Main aims of the terrorists were to divide Pakistan, to show their power, to scare Pakistanis with what they can do, they wanted to hurt Pakistan and hurt we were at that moment, everyone was. But were the terrorists able to achieve their objectives? The simple answer is no.

The moment this worst news spread over the country, People, everyone forgot every ounce of hate they had for each other and became united. No matter what religion, what sect, what cast and what political party and what provincial identity anyone had.  Tragedies do bring people together and for sure it did.Yes, that day we saw the UNITED PAKISTAN. A Pakistan alien to most of us, since we have low tolerance level and we love negativity but that day, Pakistan was stronger than anything we have seen in ages.

Whole of the world felt for Pakistan that day, they realized what we have been going through fighting this war on terror, how much we have sacrificed over the years trying to save this world from the worst evil. They realized finally that Pakistan is not the cause, Pakistan itself is the victim and that it needs our support. Vigils and special prayers were carried out throughout the world. Worst enemies for once became friends since Indians showed their support for Pakistan.

Terrorists who wanted to show how powerful they are, after one year are scattered all over the country and running for their lives. Pakistan Army's Zarb E Azab operation that started after this terrible day has literally broken the backbone of terrorists. Their strongholds have become their weak zones , their safe homes have become their graves.

If they had any kind of sympathy among Pakistanis before that day, it literally flied away. Everyone ever since hates them and yes that is the only feeling in our hearts today and yes that is how it will be in the future as well.

Pakistanis were supposed to feel unsafe and unsure after that day, but it turned out to be the opposite, we are braver, stronger and more powerful. Terrorists and the whole world has seen that we really are brave, that whatever the situation, however worst it is, we can get through it because we believe in ourselves.

Those butchers wanted to end lives, but the day 144 kids flew away to a better place, 580 new kids were born, 580 more kids that will one day serve Pakistan, will make Pakistan proud, will take it forward, will love it more and will be willing to die for it when need be.

They wanted to destroy us, but what happened was they changed lives. So many people shed tears that day, It changed so many people. It made us more responsible more thoughtful and made us realize that every life matters, every action matters.

It changed me, that day has changed me so much. That night was one of the most horrible of my life, I cried. I promised myself that I will dedicate my life for my country, I realized that the terrorists are so scared of us, we youngsters, that we can make a difference, that everything we do to make Pakistan better will be the best revenge.

One year later the terrorists have lost. We are a better Pakistan now, a stronger Pakistan. We won, we won everything after that day, the world won, peace won, and most importantly those 144 cute kids of Peshawar won.

They must be smiling from heavens right now, because their lives haven't gone wasted. They have done what no one could do, they defeated terrorism, they for sure must be smiling, with sparkly eyes, the ones they had when singing the national anthem of Pakistan during the morning assembly, the ones they had when they left for school that very morning to never come back.

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