Tuesday, December 15, 2015

A Message for our Young Heroes

Written By: Komal Aziz
I tried to start writing this message quite a few times, but just ended in tears and a dry throat. Just to think about that dreadful incident and put that lifeless feeling into words is one of the most difficult tasks i have ever had to do.

16th December 2014 can never be forgotten, will never be forgotten. The children and teachers who lost their lives that day to the hands of those brutes will forever live in all our hearts. And i can give my word that I will keep praying for them and their families till my last breath. However, this post is not only for the ones who were martyred that day, but also for those who survived the battle.

You, my brothers, are the heroes. To survive that incident and to go back to the same school is something i could never have done.

Your entire nation stands with you for the immense amount of dauntlessness and courage you have shown by studying at APS again. This is no less than a tight slap on TPP who thought they could break us, or could scare you. They were absolutely wrong. I salute you, and also your families for raising brave sons like you for Pakistan.

We need more people like you, your Pakistan needs brave people like you. And i believe if we have such bold Pakistanis, we can rise again and defeat our enemies together.

You have not just shocked and delighted this nation, you have inspired us. So I thank you for that. Thank you for inspiring me as a human being, thank you for showing me that we still have a lot of hope left. And thank you for motivating me to be a better Pakistani, and a courageous person.

May Allah(SWT) always protect you and your families, and give you all the success in life.

And may Allah(SWT) grant our martyred brothers and sisters the highest place in Jannah.

And lastly, May Allah(SWT) keep Pakistan safe.


An inspired 

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