Tuesday, November 17, 2015

This is Us

Standing Alone

Written By: Aqsa Khan
Today, I was walking through streets with my broken arm just to spend sometime alone. And I found a tree without any leaves on it. He was begging for his needs, his desires. He was beseeching and craving for the thirst of water. But he couldn't find anyone to listen his voice, his needs. He kept spending his all time alone in sorrow, in sadness. Days passed, months passed, years passed but he couldn't move from his place, he was helpless and he knew that nobody will ever listen to him but he was wrong because one day somebody came around him, she was a girl. At first she didn't know what's wrong with it but after sometime she starts getting that he is a dead soul, there's no one around him who can understand his feelings, his thoughts, his solitude, his sentiments, his emotions, his desires & she needs to do something with it. She thought she would provide him happiness, she would fulfill his thirst, his needs, she would never let him get into solitude but he was so stubborn to understand it. And actually it wasn't a tree, it was guy more like that tree which does not  have leaves on it. His soul was died, he wasn't living, he was surviving. He was pleading some angel to take him away from this world, away from the human beings. To the magical world of unicorns. And this could only happen if he will let someone enter in his life but he made boundaries of walls all around him, not letting anyone to cross those boundaries but that girl decided not to give up on him. She will keep trying, keep putting efforts to help him in finding delightful life and happiness.


  1. Thanks raafay for putting this up. ❤
    - Aqsa.

  2. You are welcome, Aqsa. :')
    - Raafay.