Thursday, November 19, 2015

Keep Hope Alive

Even when there is no hope, there is hope. 
Written By: Maliha Javed.
Three words that can change your life and no I don’t mean about ‘I love you’, I guess that too can impact your life but these three words that I’m talking about can help you survive the greatest endeavors you face over your lifetime; ‘keep hope alive’.

I came across these three words while reading a book a long time ago; it was quoted by reverend Jesse Jackson in one of his brilliant speeches. Well at that point in time I didn’t much understand the significance it held up until a few years ago. As a kid, majority of us couldn’t wait to grow up and be the adult once and for all, now I feel like adulthood is simply overrated because the older we grow the more intricate life seems, although this may not imply to many people I’m sure. Yes most of us achieve the freedom that we’ve been craving for, the lucky ones among us live the dream they hoped for, life seems awesome but at some point we all do hit rock bottom. We become numb or clueless as to what we want further. We get lost and insecure. Few might endure exceptionally difficult and unfortunate challenges. For some, a sense of loneliness creeps in and the feeling of not fitting in ambushes our fragile minds. We aspire to grasp the world within our hands, to introduce a difference, while others are desperate for a simple answer to “what on earth am I doing with my life?!!”

Point being stated, it’s alright for most of us to feel this way as long as we remember one thing; to keep hope alive! For me hope is what gets us through the good and bad and positions us a step ahead always but never behind. Put it in this way, it’s like an adrenaline rush or a butterfly feeling we get as we anticipate for what lies ahead, without hope the world would seem to be such a tedious place with nothing to define our purpose and existence in life. No matter where we are and under any circumstance, with even the slightest bit of hope in our hearts there will always be a tomorrow to look forward to, a chance of being acquainted to a possibility ahead, a maybe who knows? So no matter how big your dream is, no matter how impossible a situation may seem, no matter how pessimist one maybe and even when all the doors close shut, just ALWAYS keep hope alive within you because that smallest amount embedded inside of us can facilitate each and every single being to revolutionize our lives significantly.

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