Monday, November 23, 2015

Ashes of You

Ashes of Love

Written By: Aqsa Naveed.
There was blood in my eyes, burning ashes in my heart, ache in my skin from my fingertips to my toes. There were thousands of sparks to ignite my body. The electricity surging through my body but all I could do was to think about you. I'm living with the fear of losing both of us. I went home elated, the whole car ride I drove but I only had you on my mind and I wondered if this was love, a word I detest since it is frankly over used, or just a strong liking, a feeling everyone has had at one point or another, but this to me was not something that anyone has ever felt. This was something different to me. And when I reached home I found you around, it completes me. Yes I need to embrace you, and I need you to hold me back but all I really need is you to just smile at me, and realize whether it is love or not, I want to be with you I hope my plea doesn’t fall on deaf ears, or that you aren’t too blind to see that I am captivated by you.

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