Thursday, October 23, 2014

The UK Life - A Weird Day

Student Group Work

Thursday was a busier day we had induction lectures from 9 am to 4 pm so most of my day was spent at University, the first induction lecture was an interesting one, we were made to play a weird card game the aim of the game was to help us find our qualities and negative points and believe you me, the game really worked, I belonged to the green group after all sorts of the analysis that was done on us, it was fun.  They asked us to make 4 groups. Red, Yellow. Blue. Green depending on the color we like. I went to the Green. Sadly I was the only one in the Green group. So the people who were undecided were asked to join the groups randomly. So the Chinese aunty* (with due respect but she was 30) came running to my group saying oh I don't know about the color but this guy's funny. The activity started and we had to write down the points about organizing an event, we just had two minutes. Whenever I started writing she held my hand and stopped me from writing saying lets talk. I was like hey? It is an activity and we are in a group... we don't have much time. She was like who cares? This is waste of time. I pinched her hand so she let go of my hand and then moved to the next table :)


  1. When I imagined this, I found it quite funny.