Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Whitewash for the Team Green.

Written by: Bareera Rufi.

So finally the much awaited series has ended with a Whitewash resulting in alot of setbacks for Pakistan.

The torture began from the very first day when the most succesful player on SA pitches 'Taufiq Umar' got injured, followed by Haris Sohail ,then Junaid Khan and Umar Gul later on joined the company. After the Team was announced there was a fuss and a huge question-mark on the selection of WK Sarfaraz. Knowing that how well Adnan performed on SL tour even with a broken thumb. We even know that the Captain was not satisfied with he team selection and didn't even sign in the first place. 

But yes, everyone would agree that Misbah made a few errors thing by not selecting the perfect playing 11. Like Rehman should have been there for the second test. And the other important thing which played an important role in the 3-0 defeat was the failure of our openers, followed by middle-order. If Hafeez was failing consistenly, The Captain and the coach could* have changed the batting-order. But not to forget it felt so good to see Asad Shafiq playing responsibly, We surely have another LEGEND in making. 

Leaving behind the IF's and coming back to the result of this series. SA not only won but they dominated in batting, fielding and even bowling. The consistent failure of our batsmen is a big problem and esp knowing the fact that not even a single one could make more than 200 in the whole series. And now the whole blame is put upon the Captain who somehow managed to score 135 and the Vice-Captain's bat was unlucky and coukd only help him make 43 odd runs. 

Blaming these two players is not the solution because they were not the only players playing. PCB needs to raise the standard of Domestic cricket so that our players can perform upto the international level. In domestic, the pitches are so dead that batsmen face no problem but when they play outside subcontinent on bouncy pitches, then it's a nightmare for them. Secondly, the lack of Test matches. PCT has not played even 10 matches in these 2 years and the lack of experience and is drowning us more. Pakistan can only be the Number 1 Test Team when the domestic structure is well-developed.

Well, The Test series was a nightmare for Pakistan but let's wish them Best of luck for the next T20 and ODI series. Billion eyes to be demand for one word that is 'Victory'. It's our time to be the VICTORS. It's our time to shine. It's our time to be the Game. Make us proud once again  But whatever it was it feels so bad seeing those rude comments about the players who work hard and especially for Misbah like fans even pray 'I wish Misbah doesn't perform' and then Blame Misbah for everything, so dear fans, Kindly Keep calm and Support every player because they play for the pride of PAKISTAN.  

Team Pakistan Love Forever.

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