Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Kinda sorta My LIfe.

There was time when I used KINDA and SORTA in every possible sentence, this is what I am gonna do in this post too, even if it doesn't fit anywhere. So never mind  :D

When you have no life, your day KINDA starts like this.
It's not a one month break this time. I am writing after a couple of days I guess. Why? I don't know, I kinda feel like writing today.

I was able to sleep properly after days, yesterday. But I don't know I have this habit of waking up like three times during my sleep, it sorta gets really annoying. -_-

How do you spend three days without TV? Even though there is nothing to watch on the days when you can watch it and you barely watch, when you don't have the facility you kinda miss it.

I consider myself lazy so that sorta also applies on the music I listen. I barely know when a new song or album is out, just to refresh my playlist I downloaded 197 new songs. Hope I listen all those songs one day, someday. :p

People try so hard to satisfy others, keep them happy. Even when they actually aren't happy. They kinda have to fake emotions. You know what is the best way to keep others happy? Be happy yourself.

Our Prime Minister said PPP has done so much work in the past 5 years that no one has done in the past 100 years. HAHAHAHAHAHA. That's  'sorta' hilarious, no?   

The Family is complete once again, everyone is home now and it sorta feels really good. There will be something to do and talk and people to tease and taunt.  :D

When you have no life, your day SORTA ends like this.
Traveling excites me, kinda. (I have to fit it somewhere, traveling is my hobby btw :p) I have been researching about the most beautiful cities of the world, and I can easily say this world is such a beautiful place, which we are destroying ourselves.

This is a strange cycle. Best November, worst December. Good January, bad February. If this cycle continues then I should be expecting a better March. I sorta need it.

And .. I forgot what else I had to talk about, just because I had to edit the kinda sorta stuff in every sentence so that's about it.  :D

Poco sorta is the equivalent of kinda sorta in spanish. Just telling :p



    1. I Love the way you write , keep it up :D

  2. Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafaaaaaaay this is funny :D

  3. Raafay. You. Are. Hilarious. :D

  4. Thank you Aizah, haha if that is a compliment :D