Thursday, February 21, 2013

"When It Rains"

A thunder was it, that woke me up?
Or was it the peltering rain calling out to me?
The second hour my clock was ticking, as I slipped out.
The strong wing whipped my light dress around me,
the thundering rain drowned everything else,
exciting my senses with its Divine bliss.
I stood watching it fall on the fiberglass shades,
then sliding down onto the dark road.
The scene stood still and silent, but for the rain.
The intervening lightening shone on the falling rain,
making it glitter like shards of ice.
I held out my hands beyond the shades,
and let the sparklets fall on my open palms.
Each drop a message, a remembrance,
of each and everyone of those long ago showers.
Strange friends these rains are,
coming and going as they please,
but when there, they mirror my feelings
giving me a sense of so close a comradery,
so for that time we walk hand in hand.
it washes over me, taking the burden off my shoulders
I feel free and light-headed
So I dance in the rain, with the rain
Singing a song, humming a tune
for the joy of it all, of being together again.
Ah these rains! Why do they have to return to their own land?
Why can't they just stay by my side?
To these laments, the strong wind whispers
How could you cherish they as you do, 
if you knew not their absence?
So I understand it all,
and let the rain take me to my haven, while it lasted.
Again it's the rain and me,
the pattering our chatter, thunder our laughter.
This rain, it's nature's most precious gift to me.

Written By: Amna Aziz

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