Sunday, January 20, 2013

Feel, Search and Love.

Sometimes you don't realize things yourself, you have to be forced to realize them. Love, they say isn't something that can be categorized. Love isn't something you will be forced to fall in. It is something that comes naturally. It isn't something someone will make you realize. You have to realize it yourself. They say sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye. Then at times there are things that are in front of your eyes but your heart doesn't want to realize. Twisted much? But you can't resist it for long .. You can stay away, tell yourself, find reasons, divert yourself .. still, you fall in love. You fall in it and you enter a totally different world .. It's a world that opens so many new things, so many new excitements , thrills, even doubts, uncertainties everything but you don't care. You explore it more. You enjoy every moment. You have so many ways, to express it in different ways.. you can care, you can hesitate, you can be nervous, you can be possessive, you can be harsh, but you know you love. And when you know you love, you know you need nothing more, you know every other thing becomes secondary. You suddenly have someone there for you, someone you can talk, laugh,stare, admire all day, someone who becomes 'the most important' in your life. You suddenly begin to love everything your love, loves. You call black, white. You call wrong, right. They say Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage. It changes everything upside down. You know you just won't regret anything. Once you know you have love in your life ..You just travel the road , a never ending road .. knowing, your fairy tale has begun, this is your  happily ever after and that this will end the search for 'finding neverland' ..