Saturday, July 23, 2011

Pakistan Cricket's Downfall, The Inside Story.

This Post is Just for you Ali Mustaan :)

Its a pretty long and sad story and I can write a full book if I wanna, but I will be short here as possible. So take it as PART 1..

When Shoaib Malik was announced as the captain after the 2007 World Cup many people raised questions over his ability as a captain and this thing was proved later when his behavior got very strange with the players and he usually did not talk with others. Younis Khan was his supporter at that time, because when Younis Khan was going through a lean patch during 2008, Shoaib Malik supported him. But when Shoaib Malik was removed from the captaincy, after the 2008 series against Srilanka and younis Khan was made the captain, Shoaib Malik was very hurt and disappointed and thought that Younis Khan lobbied against him even though he supported younis khan (If I remember it was 2008 Triangular series BD-PAK-IND in which Younis khan scored 0-0-118) so he turned against Younis even though Younis Khan still was his supporter.

At first Shoaib Malik was alone so he had no choice except to play well and stayin the team but later that time, Younis Khan became very strict with his players and the usual him (funny and jolly) dissapeared because the former players objected that he is too careless. Youins Khan showed sincerity and brought back the Pakistani players from the ICL (unofficial cricket league) and arranged a meeting with the Cricket board so Abdul Razzaq, Muhammad Yousuf, Rana Naveed, Imran Nazir and many other players were brought back. But as most of them were senior players they did not like the way Younis khan was strict and wanted the players to practice and work hard, so players like M.Yousuf and Abdul Razzaq turned against him. On the other side, Shoaib Malik lobbyed with Misbah Ul Haq and Kamran Akmal and also added Rana Naveed later, but during that time Pakistan won the T20 world cup that too thanks to players like Saeed Ajmal, Muhammad Amir, Umar Gull, Shahid Afridi who were with Younis Khan, all the other players did nothing special in that world cup.

In the champions trophy 2009 later in October things got more worse when The Malik group and Muhammad Yousuf got together, u would remember both Malik and M.Yousuf scored high and won us the match against India proving that they can play well but were throwing it away previously.

After Pakistan lost to New Zealand during the Champions Trophy Semi Final, Younis Khan was summoned by the Parliamentary committee and he resigned after that, but due to public pressure he was brought back and Pakistan played three ODI's vs New Zealand in Dubai. That was when things got to the worst point. Just before the third ODI Muhammad Yousuf had a terrible fight with Younis Khan and refused to play during the 3rd ODI of the series and Pakistan who needed just 202 runs to win the match lost by 80 odd runs, while Shoaib Malik who had to stay at the wicket at a critical point just threw it his wicket away in a strange manner.

Younis Khan resigned after that saying that he had lost control over his players, and Muhammad Yousuf was announced the captain for the tours of Australia and New Zealand. But this was not the end of the story ....

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