Friday, July 29, 2011

How Presidential Candidates Should Dress Tonigh


Tonight, October 11th, GOP candidates, including Rick Perry, Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, and Ron Paul, will be debating over critical issues like taxes, the deficit, the job market, unemployment, as well as their their plans to create stronger economic growth. While leadership, critical thinking, and the ability to take on important issues without "beating around the bush" should take center-stage, things like attire should not be forgotten either. We at have been observing how the GOP candidates dress. Thus far, to our disappointment, we have been shown the same gray suit and red tie look. Because impressions are formed within the first few seconds of meeting someone we believe that GOP candidates can use their ensemble more to their advantage. Below are some tips that will create a winning look in tonight's debate. Maybe, we are hoping they do, one of the candidates reads this article and actually follows our advise. We shall see tonight!

The Suit
The suit must remain dark charcoal gray. It should be plain, simple, and elegant. Because the suit is the largest visible clothing item it is not the piece Candidates want to experience with. Avoided should be visible patterns like pin stripes and checks. The suit should be 2 or 3 button style with a low to medium V-cut, which will add the illusion of height and stature. The fabric should fall in the Super120 to Super160 range. Anything above Super160 wool will look too shiny, creating a look that is too dressy, formal, and possibly even a look that can be perceived as "stuck-up". Finally the suit must be perfectly tailored. For more information please read our tutorial on: Proper Men's Suit Fitting

The Dress Shirt
Again, the look must be classic and conservative, making the solid white dress shirt the only acceptable choice. The shirt should be well pressed and wrinkle free. We suggest to keep the shirt as classic and simple as possible. We suggest regular barrel cuffs since French cuffed shirts (worn with cufflinks) might be perceived as too flashy.

The Tie
Thus far we have seen almost exclusively ruby red ties during the past debates. Why red? Well, red is a color that creates the highest level of emotional responses in the observer. It is a color that stands out and draws attention to it. It is quite obvious that each candidates intentionally picked the red tie to get more noticed than the person standing next to them. But if all candidates are wearing the same red tie it is difficult for the observer to keep them apart.

Therefore, we at Ties-Necktie suggest a different color and even a slightly more unique design than the solid color tie. For tonight's debate we are hoping to see more blue tiesstriped ties, and ties with more visible patterns like polka dots and even paisleys. Especially blue ties should be used more. Blue is a very likeable color that is typically associated with calmness, tranquility, and serenity.

Also considered should be ties going a bit into the brown color. We are not suggesting solid brown ties but instead suggest ties in burnt orange as well as dark burgundy. Brown is a color that is associated with maturity, experience, and intelligence. Burgundy red ties are perfect since they combine the psychological emotions of brown with the excitement of red. The same is true for dark orange neckties.

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