Sunday, March 22, 2015

Questions and Answers


Written By: Zahra Shafiq

I miss you.

You. Yes You!
You are not ‘You’ anymore!
I remember you smiling. That time.
I remember that promises you made to me.
They say “People don’t understand promises they are making, when they make them. But you keep your promises anyway, That’s what love is.”
But I do think now,
When you love you know your part, knowing what to do doesn't come from up, it comes from here. Heart.
That warm glow on your face, that stare
You were all mine.
I remember all of it.
I miss it .
This missing bleeds,
Makes me harder to breathe.
Why am I writing this. I don’t know.
Do I still love you?
Do I need you back?
May be.
Do I need a hug?
O hell yes.
I talked a lot.
I'm sorry. Thank you for bearing with me.
A last thing. Get back to being ‘ you’ maybe?
Its worth a shot.
Who else?

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