Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Lack of Guidance

Pakistan Talent

Well, I am going to be off my usual topic of love and her and mobile and life and going to write something on Pakistanis. Lack of Guidance is one of the biggest and most underrated issues in Pakistan. There is no lack of talent, that's for sure. We have a hell lot of a talent but we don't have guidelines. We don't know what to do. Business majors don't know how to do business and go on, working for banks. Electrical engineers don't innovate something, they don't inspire anybody, they just study their shit out and get a degree and then get a job of 40k per month getting bonuses and raises occasionally. Computer majors mostly work basic computer jobs which a kid with a good mind can work too. There are no Pakistani billionaires except the Zardaris, the Shareefs and a couple others. Even the millionaires are rare. Nobody wants to think big. Nobody appreciates art anymore although paintings with almost nothing on them except two colors are sold for basically millions. Nobody wants to be adventurous, everybody wants to be stable and settled. Nobody wants to invent. Nobody wants to make this world a better place. We, Pakistanis, are not guided. Most of our teachers get paid, do their jobs which is basic teaching and letting students cram and score good grades. They don't teach new things. They don't say how to become a big man. They just say score grades and score and score until one day, you are working your ass of to earn 50k a month to support your family and seeing all your dreams flow in the gutter. I am not even mentioning the stress and the tension that gets in the way, it messes you up in such a way you forget what love and happiness feels like anymore. And it literally affects every single thing in your life. The point again being, there is no lack of talent, wisdom, intelligence or anything else, what we lack is good teachers and guidelines. Guidelines to live life the better way, guidelines to make this world a better place, guidelines to use your talents wisely. Hope this gets better, InShaAllah, I am very hopeful. Hope this gets into notice. Hope we become better. Amen.

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