Sunday, November 9, 2014

I am a Muslim

Written By: Sereen Fazili

I am a Muslim , so what is wrong 
This is the identity for which one should long

Peace is the message my religion spreads 
Wrong is the concept briefed to you by your heads

"Muslims are Terrorists" is what you think 
Every act of terrorism with Islam you link

The World Wars were fought not by us 
It was the Non-Muslims who created the fuss

We believe in peace and development of nations 
We are the symbols of goodwill and patience

When we fight , we fight for justice and our rights 
Otherwise, we believe in peace in both our days and nights

Islam is the only religion , so justified and true 
I alone don't say this , the science has proved

So Islam will be the only religion to dominate us all 
I'm a Muslim and I invite you towards Allah's call

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