Saturday, November 8, 2014


Written By: Alla Light (Armenia)

Time is eternity, life temporal instant. Our  days and years flow through its  swift-footed waters merging into the breath of centuries.   We are given  certain time and  many   tasks,  which make sense our lives. It’s wonder many people are suffering from boredom  in  such conditions.  Maybe monotony is a  result of  inactivity?Better complaining about lack of time than protesting  of boredom. I can be having many occupations that boredom called  unwinking second doesn't visit me.

When  our admiration towards the nature accompanies us everywhere the world becomes more beautiful. It's such enjoyable waking with smile and  delighting  in the freedom of living, which is highest of human vital rights. We need to recognize beautiful and  gray  gloominesses  cover with its  light   brilliances. One, who  continually thinks and  talks of one's problems will never know what is  light-heartedness. Sometimes I  think how can  we relieve the  earth life, because    the  beauty of living  equivalents its complexity. The best  way of relieving life is not making it heavier. I can live   easy when I'm not declining  in front of difficulties.

Envying means  searching into other people reasons of your own tribulations. While when we aspire, we  see others' luckinesses into  border of our possibilities. I can be seeker and reach to the realization of my desired  goals. 
The mountain is high compared to its foot and not of the clouds. At the top of  the mountain  many people think  about guiding  with elevation of  clouds and others   scare of failing down. I can climb   and feel   etheral  endlessness of   rise.

Human successes  are depend on  of one's ability   to telling  apart  primary tasks from secondary activities which provides one's discipline. Only by focusing  on important we are able to leave secondary tasks. Some people are fighting for reaching success, and others  are surrendering of bitterness of adversities. Abandon oneself means  surrendering hopelessness and doubt.   It's very difficult  finding  something  ready-made in life because  the human is called to  create. Who   continually waits  to the appearance of happy chances, one will never use  the ability to making opportunities  by oneself. I can trust my strengths even  the time when faith tries to leave me.

Life difficulties  are nursing  the source of human adaptability. We need to be resistant and flexible, because living means adjusting. The human is hit by many-many  storms. Of violent winds we  must   strengthen more   instead of failing. I can arise  like the phoenix,  which  burns  inextinguishable fires of extinct  ashes.

We must build the future instead of returning the past. If yesterday’s day   was a mistake hence tomorrow is the opportunity to correct it. These two poles are bridged each other by  today,  which is the visiting-card of future. I can acting in the  present,  of which effuses success of tomorrow.

Sometimes a  walk of life takes us to an  impasse.   When roads are  different and hazy, it's hard to  make a decision. Foggy uncertainty distorts the   simplicity of life.   We don't scare of making wrong decisions. We fear that people  may  blame us for our mistakes.   The important thing is  that we  wouldn't blame  ourselves and   feel the  torment of conscience.   If an  exit takes us to a new  impasse,  therefore we mustn't to be used of that. I can  tell apart  an  exit of  an  impasse and  outstrip.

The human is always   concerned by two questions;  to be able to understand desires of others and to  be clear.    These ideas are  interconnected each other with harmonic strings of tolerance. People are not  wrangling because of difference of opinion. They quarrel because of  they don't  tolerate each other's  view. I can respect a  standpoint of other people  at the same time with  no change my own opinion.

Some people  often criticize others  and try to find the  analysis of their  actions. By penetrating into works of others they forget about building their own lives. We as  recognize others  as we don't   informed  to  their  dark sides. I can busy with self-analysis and   all the   answers find  in  depths of my inner world. 

When a human speaks about cruelty of others, one underlines  one's own  tender-heartedness  which is the sun of kindness.

Sometimes that sun are covered  with ice, but love and compassion  warm  its again. I can learn this lesson and win  indifference.

We want justice  though we don't  fight for it  frequent.   And what is it?  Is justice a gift for  us, or it's a victory of  strongs.   A human  deserves to the realities what one dreamed and  created.   I can acting  and erecting the blissful justice  by myself.

I can- this expression  is the landmark and  pledge of success.   In a  human no motto     causes as   faith and confidence  as these words.   Unlucky  persons  tell "I want ", and  luckies say  "I can ". A human with one's nature is  a very  high creature.     One is apt   to seek, fight and  realize one's     admirable dreams.All the  conquests of science, entrancing works of art  and  culture   are  created  with   the internal suasion that  a human  is able to do  it.

Time is limited, but it’s free the human will of acting into its.    Strong is one, who   develops and  uses one’s  abilities and talents.  Nature gives us a lot of    talents, but we ought to  disclose those by ourselves.   Those  abilities   like being in a dormant state. We can wake up them only with assiduousness and obstinacy.  We must  trying ceaseless  for such long  till the desirable result   be  obvious. 

To me  to be able  means  having great and beautiful dreams, which  will grow clear purposes.   Making  such  practical steps, which demand  big strength and boldness.   Enter in fight with  your     weaknesses and win to  yourself.   In case of the opportunity helping  others  and  learning  the lesson of a dream of  luckies.   Really,  all the  strengths, which will  take us to the intrepid  highnesses  of success   come  into border of our capabilities. And most importantly :“To be able means believing in that you can do it." 

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