Monday, October 27, 2014

The UK Life - Pakistani Friends

Oxford University

University day! It was that good old feeling that I have missed for so long now. Woke up earlier than expected, but could not sleep again so I just stayed in the bed.

You know that weird habit of checking your phone again and again during your sleep or as soon as you wake up? That's what I am suffering from these days and it is an annoying habit to say the least.

I did not have breakfast today as the University started early the first lecture was really boring, the professor wasn't even in the mood of teaching as well. It was an introductory lecture anyways, but the signs of a tough few weeks were obvious as the courses are really tough.

There was a break of one hour so Mohammed and me went out to see the place, he told me he has been here for almost 6 years now due to the situation of Libya and knows the place really well. He wanted to have lunch but I was avoiding it as I had no money even though I was extremely hungry. He wanted to have Shawarma so we went to this restaurant which was full of people even when it wasn't even proper day, the Shawarma looked delicious, he ordered tea for me and you can easily imagine how does it feel when a hungry person has shawarma in front of him and he is drinking tea.

The next lecture was lab based so we were given time to look at the software and to play around with it, it looks like I will be able to do it, I mean to get an idea of it but I could easily tell all the other students are far more experienced at it. I was extremely tired and hungry but Mohammed wanted me to come with him so he could introduce me with his other Pakistani friends.

I went to his place and there was no one at the house, he wanted me to stay as his roommates will come anytime so I sat and talked with him for about one hour on the political situation and the situation of Muslims, the best and the worst part is that we all have the same problems and beliefs but we are so divided.

The first person who came, he was from Lahore and was a really nice guy, we three sat and chatted for another hour I really wanted to go but they both would not let me go as they wanted me to meet another guy who was running PTI in the area. It was around 7 PM in the evening when he came and we both talked and talked and talked about the PTI and elections. He told me about all the work he has done for PTI here and asked me to join PTI here in the UK. Another guy from Pakistan came around he was also from Pakistan and we kept talking, it was almost 9 PM when I forcefully left their place, thankfully the last guy was with me so it was easier for me to find my way back home. 

Perhaps it was the first day here in the UK when I felt really happy, mostly because I finally was able to make some Pakistani friends here, It will be too early to call them friends though, but they seem nice people. 

Came back home, made myself an omelet drank two glasses of water and now I am writing this article half sleep half satisfied.  

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