Sunday, October 19, 2014

The UK Life - Orientation and Kitkat.

London South Bank University

It must be about 8 AM when I woke up, the orientation ceremony for the international students was at 9AM so I had to rush quickly, took a bath and got ready for the university. As much as I act strong, that walk from the apartment to the university was a nervous one. The ceremony was at the Student Union’s building and my word what a beautiful building it was, I was among the first people who reached there, we were given a file with so many documents and pages which had all sorts of information about the university and stuff, had to sign the attendance sheet and then sat on a table. One guy came and sat with me, his name was Vishak and he was from Mauritius, we talked for a little bit, he was the son of some minister back in his country. We were taken to the other building where we were given introductory lectures about the university and the city itself, some safety issues and what we were supposed to do in the first few weeks. After that we were taken back to the student union where we had to get registered with a doctor, police, get an appointment from a bank for a bank account, and there were all sorts of other stalls there too, I took an appointment with Barclays Bank though, thankfully I didn’t have to get registered with the police and didn’t have to have a TB test, but I got registered with a doctor instantly. I wandered in the building for about 30 minutes just looking around, then a girl came and sat with me asked me if I have registered for the International Ambassador Scheme, she asked me to sign up in her group as only lucky people will be in her group, haha. Well I told her IF I register, I will sign up with her. There were different tickets being sold for different events but I didn’t feel like buying any ticket what so ever. We were served with lunch, I was really confused as I didn’t know if there was halal food or not, they asked us if we wanted to have the egg burger lunch box or tuna burger lunch box and I preferred the  egg burger one, guess what? It had a kitkat so for the first time in my life I was able to taste Kitkat. Vishak wanted to go back home so we left the building, it was raining outside and the weather was absolutely beautiful. I came back and went out for a walk just to get to know the place and enjoyed a lot. There were many halal shops around.

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