Saturday, October 18, 2014

The UK Life - Bad beginning?


Bus arrived at the station around 5 PM , I knew the tough phase of life is about to begin, and guess what? It took only two minutes for it to begin.

My bag must be around 40kg heavy, what happened was the worst and the wheels of the bag were displaced and I had to drag the bag on the road, not even knowing where to go. I started walking on the one side of the road keeping track of the location via Google maps and after 10 minutes I circled around and came back to the exact same position from where I had started walking. Not knowing what to do, I tried calling the person where I was gonna live but he didn't pick up my calls, after a walk of about  5 minutes with the bag again (which was making way too much noise and everyone was noticing me) finally I saw a taxi and took a sigh of relief. My apartment was only 2 minutes away from the bus station and the taxi driver charged me 5 pounds. I reached the apartment, the bag was too heavy for me to lift but I just had to lift it over almost 50 stairs, then met with the owner who was running his own shop under the apartment and came back to sleep as I was really tired.

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