Monday, October 20, 2014

The UK Life - Non Ending Job Search

Acklam Road, Middlesbrough

Sunday was a free day for me, except for the movie event that was in the evening. It was overcast again and I woke up a little late and had breakfast, my aunt had cooked me enough food to last for a week by the looks of it. I had nothing to do so I went out again to look at some other places around, there was a park nearby, two actually so I told myself that I will won’t be having any excuses for not jogging. I remembered that I had asked someone for part time job  so thanks to the Google maps I started my journey, thankfully it was a straight road where I had to go and reached there in 30 minutes, It was a shop that were selling goods and they told me that my work will be to load and unload the goods when they come, and fill in the places of the things that are being sold, they also told me that I will have to work from 6AM in the morning to 2PM in the afternoon and that they will decide my pay after about 2 weeks, I really could not say yes to them as the timings didn't really match my university, by the time I came back It was too late to go to the movie and my legs were hurting but just with the thoughts of gelling in the with the people I went to the university, but guess what happened? I could not find the place where the movie was being shown so I had to come back again, it was late by now so I got in to the bed and slept early again.

On the Monday morning I really didn't know if there was any event planned for today or not but still I took a bath in such a cold weather and went to the university, they told me there was no event for today and that I will have a test for Study skills tomorrow and that our department orientation will start from Wednesday. I was kinda annoyed that I had to wake up early morning for nothing but I was happy that I had a free day for myself again. The owner of the place took me with him to show me the city, we also had to buy a microwave, I had paid them the rent and the advance because I really wanted to get settled at one place now. I finally got internet now so most of my day was spend replying people and checking my emails and replying them so there was nothing much to do and time flew quickly. The guy from the work called me and asked me I should tell him if I want to work or they could hire someone else and that I am wasting their time I told them to do what they think is better as I can’t commit as I don’t even know my timetable yet. 

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