Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The UK Life - First proper University Day.

Teesside International Ambassador Scheme

On Tuesday I had a International Student Skills test, the Ambassador scheme was after that. I had lunch early and went to university; actually I was really looking forward to going to the university today as I had been doing nothing for the past few days. I went to the wrong room as expected but the good thing that happened was that Vishak was there, we were finally able to find the room where we had our test, the test started and though it was a little technical I thought I did well enough, they told us if we secured 80+ marks we won’t have to take an additional course, if less than it, we will have to take the skills course, I had made up my mind that I will take the course anyways. The result will be out next week let’s see what it is. After the test Vishak told me he likes a girl from my class and that I should go and talk to her, I refused initially but then had to go when he insisted. She looked like a Pakistani so I asked her in Urdu if she was from Pakistan, he replied me back in Italian that she was from Italy. I got a call from home so I attended it, but Vishak took me after that girl just to see where she lives, it was raining and it was really cold but I had to go with him just to act like a good friend but it was really awkward, I told him he should talk to her and don’t be afraid. We went to the ambassador scheme launching ceremony, the aim of this was to give us international student one person who would guide us through our starting days at uni and to settle in our lives in the new city. I signed up for the group of Emma as she had asked me to, in my group there were 10 people, I was the only one from Pakistan/USA, there were three Chinese girls and two guys, there was one Indian guy, two Libyan guys one of them was Waled, and one girl from Finland, Venessa who was extremely pretty. We sat in a group and had a chit chat, we were served with cupcakes and drinks, there was a session where we had to introduce ourselves to one another. I told them that I love Cricket and like watching Football and that I support Liverpool, Emma instantly said that her friend’s boyfriend’s ex girlfriend also supports Liverpool so we both can be really good friends. We all added each other on facebook and made a whatsapp group, the girl from Finland, Venessa turned out to be my roommate at the university. It was a really fun one hour or two and though I felt really alien and uncomfortable I liked it as well.

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