Saturday, October 18, 2014

The UK Life - New Beginning within new Beginning.

Leeds, UK

Dear Diary! A new chapter in my life is about to begin. London has been wonderful but now I life is gonna get tough. University is about to start, I am on my way to the University right now in the bus, thankfully the accommodation has been arranged, it is not the best place to live but it is cheap, for now I plan to live in a place and in a way that I have to spend less. Money really does matter here.

My aunt did her best to make me feel at home, cooking all the foods from fast to desi to snacks to stuff I can make myself. From teaching me how to cook to telling me how to do things around here she has been of a lot of help. Isn't that rich yes but she didn't even let me spend a single pence during my week long stay with her.

I am also looking for part time jobs here, am in touch with a couple of people about it lets see what happens here, one thing I know is that once I start earning a little life will get a little easier. My aim is not to ask my parents for any help, and hopefully it will be this way.

I am really nervous, been a while I studied properly, for all the problems in my life studies had to take a back seat but now it all starts again, I am the nervous type yes and I will stay this way until everything gets settled. Once I attend he orientation session I am sure things will get a little clear, hopefully my timetable won’t be that tough and there won’t be any long tiring days. Another thing I am really looking forward is to find some Pakistani people around and be friends with them.

For all what people said and told me about London, I am in love with it. There is no doubt about it, London for me is the best city in the world. Not only is it different from any other city in the world, it is really different from the rest of England itself.

I have been to many places, but nothing has touched my heart the way London has. The people are just so nice I really can’t believe it. The buildings, the markets, the way everyone behaves, the manners, the places to visit, the streets worth walking along is just mesmerizing.

Hopefully things will work out soon and I will have an enjoyable time here, looking forward to learning new things and observing and knowing more people.

Goodbye for now.

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