Thursday, September 18, 2014


Faimly and Friends
Friends are family are the most important part of your life.

Written By: Maham Arshad

You never know when you’ll lose a beloved one. When you’ll lose the opportunity to see their face again and again. When you’ll lose the opportunity of hearing their laughter again and again. When you’ll lose the opportunity to feel their love. When you’ll lose the opportunity to see them caring for you. That’s because they will die one day, leaving you behind crying.

The reason behind saying all of the above was that you don’t know that how much time you will get to spend with someone, whether it’s your mother, father, sister, brother, friend or anyone else. So, you should never take anyone for granted. You should love them, respect their presence and care for them. Once a loved one is lost, you won’t ever get them back. No matter how much you cry or whatever. They just won’t come back. It’s better to realize their importance when they’re present.

I’ve seen a lot of people cursing their family or friends for the littlest things ever, the most normal things ever. They don’t know that it’s their love too if they’re stopping them from something. Once they’ll be no more, no one will care for you. For your anything. Even if you had dinner or not. Even if you’re feeling good or not.

Have you ever seen a little poor child who just keeps on roaming in the streets and asks for food from everyone? He rings the bell of every house and asks if they could give him food so he could just fill up his tummy. Do you think he feels good doing this? Certainly not. You need a lot of courage and the worst circumstances to ask for something from a complete stranger. He must be facing those situations which make him ASK. Ask for food. Ask for the basic need of living. And then, at the end of the day, he just goes and sleeps at the footpath because he has got no home. No shelter. That’s only because he has got no parents too. No one to look after him, feed him and provide him shelter. To educate him and to get him clothes. Basically, to make his life beautiful. See the importance of parents? We should value them. It’s okay if they say us anything. That’s for our own good too. As someone said: “Love your parents and treat them with love and care. For you will only know their value when you see their empty chair.”

Now. Have you ever seen a lonely girl who sits in the corner bench during lunch time in school? She has got no one to share her laughter with. No one to share that how her day went. No one to ask if she could copy their homework because she wasn’t able to understand how to do. No one to ask if she could share lunch with them because her mum gave her only biscuits for the lunch. No one to whom she could tell that she doesn’t like her this classmate and why. Only because she has got no friends. No one to share her joy with her. No one to make her feel better when she’s sad. No one to make her laugh when she’s about to cry. No one to defend her in front of the bullies. She’s alone. She has to face the world alone. She has to do everything alone, whether she knows how to do it or not. Only if she even had one single friend. Her life would have been so much easier. There would be someone every time by her side. See that’s why friends are important. They make our world a bit more beautiful.

As Henry Drummond said: “Wherever we are, it is our friends that make our world.”

Last but not the least. Have you ever seen a kid living all a luxurious life, having the latest gadgets and all but having no siblings to enjoy all of them with. He just has to play everything alone and getting bored sooner or later. Having no one to love, tease or fight with. Having no one to cry in front of when his parents scold him. Having no one to take his side when the whole world leaves him alone. Having no one to whom he could get crazy with. Having no one to tell his crimes to. Having no one to help him doing his homework in the absence of parents. He wouldn’t have to face all of this only if he had a sibling or two. Only if he had a brother or a sister. Their presence would’ve made his life perfect. That is how siblings play their roles in our lives.

The point of writing all of the above was just to make you realize the importance of family and friends. I hope it helped.

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