Monday, September 15, 2014

Lahore, my Dream City

Written By: Mahnoor Naveed.

Lahore is my dream city. The city that attracts people from all around the globe with its rich culture and hospitable people. The city that has so much to offer all the year round. The city that is also known as the, 'Heart of Pakistan'. Oh Lahore! You make Pakistan proud.

Lahore is to Pakistan what Paris is to France, though not the capital but the cultural heir of the country. There were times when the Mughal rulers garlanded this great city with gardens and palaces, mosques and shrines which have survived the vicissitudes of destiny. These jewels are now the proud heritage of the brimming modern Lahore and pay tribute to these great rulers.

Walk through the streets of old Lahore and you get to be amazed by the architecture of these antique pieces of art.

Lahore is the city of music, of dance, of learning, of beauty. Lahore is simply the city of Cities. Lahories enjoy a reputation for their liveliness and properly known as 'Zinda Dilan-e-Lahore'. They are progressive, liberal, hospitable and understanding.

Classical music and folk songs have an appeal of their own and are wildly appreciated by the Lahorites. Folk songs and dances reflect a wide range of mood, the rain, sowing, harvesting seasons. Luddi and Bhangra depict the joy of living. The people of Lahore celebrate many festivals enthusiastically.

The spring season is the most colourful and lively season. Basant is a way of welcoming spring. The rooftops are crowded with kite flyers and the sky is full of kites. There is so much joy in the atmosphere. So much enthusiasm and zeal.

The people of Lahore have been traditionally famous as serious-minded, down to earth and hardworking individuals who have been thronging in the educational institutions like KEMC, NCA, Govt. College, Kinnaird College, Aitchison College and CJM, which have served them for more than a hundred years. These highly educated men and women work at home and abroad in all walks of life.

Food is one thing that the Lahories can't live without. Lahories love to eat and have a great taste for food. From the narrow streets of Walled City to the malls of Gulberg, your taste buds get to be tantalized with the great taste of food. Payee, nihari and lassi. Just to name a few.

Lahore has been a great attraction for tourists from all around the world.

They love to walk through the streets of the walled city and get mesmerized by its enchanting beauty.

Shopping is always fun in Lahore. From Liberty Market to Anarkali Bazaar, Lahore has so much to offer. Treat yourself with the traditional jewellery or the colourful khussas. Buy yourselves those attractive embroidered shawls or the dresses.

Lahore is simply the 'City of Gardens'. The famous Lahore Canal adds life to Lahore. In spring Lahore is full of bloom. The famous canal festival is celebrated in spring to depict the colours of Lahore. The canal is dressed like a bride.

The lure and luster that attaches to the name of Lahore is not the work of one man. It is a heritage that has been enriched by innumerable people at different stages of history. Other cities may hold a beauty that Lahore does not possess.....but no mystery. Just imagine. Every crumbling haveli has a story to tell. Every brick has a tale wrapped in its core. Every bird, every insect has seen something we will never know.

Last but not the least, Lahore Lahore hai!!!

I hope that you all enjoyed this journey with me to Lahore as much as I did while writing this article.


  1. very well written. you may review what you have said about people of lahore. :)

  2. Yes Lahore is really a very beautiful city. It has numerous tourist attractions. I visited this city with my family before my niagara trips. There I saw its many places Badshahi Mosque, Lahore Zoo, Minar e Pakistan, Wagah Boarder, Sozo Water Park, Lahore Fort, Bagh e Jinnah, Shalimar Bagh, Lahore Museum, Joy Land, Summit Minar and Anarkali Tomb. The all places were fabulous. Lahore is a very busy city. It always remained crowded. I would love to visit it in future. My cousins also wanted to see this region.