Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Twitter Life

Twitter followers

This can be a long boring post telling people how I started using twitter and about my time here but I will cut it short and come to the point. I had been resisting writing about Twitter since forever but then I just had to.

So this article is dedicated to everyone! Everyone I have talked to, you know me, I know you, you consider me your friend, I call you my friend, we don't even talk but follow each other, you have muted me or even blocked, we used to talk or you know me or even if you are reading this from a link on Twitter. 

Let me summarize: It has been an amazing experience, everything has been worth it.

First a few confessions: I don't take what I do on twitter seriously, but I do take each and every person on twitter seriously, if I call you my friend I consider you my friend. I care, really do care for everyone and for me everyone has their own importance in my life. I can't really act serious on social networks unless there is something serious, my real life is full of seriousness already. And, I compliment people from heart and that's not a crime. I am sure.

Anyways, now coming to the reason why I have written this article. For thanking everyone!

First thanks to the special ones!

To the people who call me a flirt, people telling me I have many girl friends, even calling me fake, to telling me I force sweetness, to backbiting, to lying, to pretending friends, for acting as frenemies, for abusing me, for taunting me. hating on me.

Just one thing! Life is too short and tough to hate! Plus as most cool* people say, it is just twitter.

Oh then thank you the other special ones!

  • To that couple who named their son Raafay because of me. I swear I have never felt more special in my life.
  • To that Palestinian girl who told me I am good for nothing and I should do more.
  • To those people who told me I make them love Pakistan more, make them remember and miss Pakistan as they are living abroad.
  • To people who have complimented me for the right reasons.
  • That Chinese guy who called me and all I could understand among his Chinese language was 'Pakistan Zindabad'.
  • To the people who say I have inspired them. It scares me, tbh. 
  • To that Indian guy who said I have changed his views about Pakistan and that he has stopped hating Pakistan because of me.
  • To that Kashmiri girl who sent me a Pakistani flag which she sewed herself.
  • To that unknown who sent me pics with my blog banner standing at Eiffel Tower.
  • To those 12 Norwegian Pakistanis and three Americans who on my request came to Pakistan to vote for PTI.
  • That grandmother of a twitter friend who kissed my forehead because she read her my blog about Independence.
  • To all the blogs and websites and news papers who asked me to write for them.
  • To all the talented people I have come to know through Twitter.
  • To that unknown Indonesian couple who prayed for me during Hajj.
  • To those guys in Germany telling they gave a long presentation about my blog on the topic ' things that inspire me '.
  • To the people who have written about me it was the most special feeling.
  • To people who have shared their life experiences with me and made me learn more.

Twitter Pic

Then, thanks to the most special ones.

It will be so unfair if I take names here, honestly everyone has always been so nice and kind to me.

To friends who have motivated me on each and every step whenever I needed motivation.
To friends who tell me they spend all night reading my blogs and I don't have words to thank them.
To friends who explain and guide me about religion, deal with my curious questions about it.
To friends tweeting along song lyrics with me, esp the Jawad Ahmad ones, haha.
To friends I bother all day long and be lame with them and they don't mind.
To friends I sometimes get harsh with or stop them from something I think is wrong and they understand.
To friends who tell me they think about me whenever they are sad and want someone to talk to.
To friends who tell me their parents actually ask them to be like me.
To friends who tell me their mother only allows them to add me on Facebook among internet friends, haha even that's a special feeling.
To friends who tweet about cricket, just like me and get excited when Pakistan wins, sad when they lose.
To friends who trended my birthdays and wished me amazing and unbelievable wishes.
To friends for all their cuteness among their tweets and talks with me.
To friends who care so much I can't thank them enough.
To friends who are always there to cheer me up if I am sad, point out if I say or do something wrong.
To friends for tolerating my spamming your timelines and digesting my lameness.
To the friends who helped me trend those Islamic, Pakistani trends and other lame trends.
To the friends who have always kept me grounded.
And lastly, to all the friends who actually consider me their friend.

These maybe small things for many people  and twitter maybe just twitter, but each and everything means a lot. Oh and I am just a human, I make mistakes, I am sorry if I hurt someone unintentionally.

Everything has an end, maybe someday my time will be up as well. I know people also move on but all I ever want is for people to remember me in good words. That's it. Nothing more.


  1. Wow, amazing. Content aside, this is so well written. Proud of you raaafay, this country needs more people like you. Keep the good work going!

  2. This so beautifully written. A very honest article, wow. :')

  3. This is amazing.
    I literally felt so good while reading it.
    I know it scares you but you inspire me.