Friday, July 11, 2014


Written By: Maham Furqan

 I wish it was here, I wish it was here
That, which the dove symbolizes
That, which the arsonist despises
That, which my country craves, peace.

Its a necessity of old, young and child
Its absence will make them wild.
It has to be achieved at any cost
Otherwise, everything would be lost.

This country is not for fighting
Its for a life full of bliss and rejoicing
Poor or rich, black or white
All deserve the right to a peaceful life

Don't ever pit your hand upon a knife
Or never do you clash your arms, pray, unite
War will be over, we can mend
Only if violence and conceit comes to an end

Oh, how i wish...
That life would become full of ease
That my country is the center of peace

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