Saturday, December 28, 2013

Letter to My Mother

You know I am not so good at expressing what and how I feel so writing it down for you to read will be the best possible way. I have always observed how you both have done things, how you both have gone about your life, bringing us up. How you guys have never let us feel what you do for us. Those minor things that were not significant but still were, all your love and care.

Hello Mama.

I remember one thing especially.. that waking us up early morning, 7 sharp, never letting us sleep late and saying " Uth jao din ho gaya hai " at just 8 am. That has just become a part of my life and one of the habits of mine I love the most.

For making religion a part of our lives. You have put that fine line for us, where we know, just know it by default what is wrong and what is right for us.

You making breakfast for us yourself every morning, you coming back at 2PM in the afternoon and no matter how tired you were, making lunch for us and at night making dinner for us, because you wanted us to eat home made and fresh food everyday. So continuously you did that I don't even remember if you ever missed cooking. It could have been so easy you know, a maid could have done.

I also know that you didn't practice your profession privately because you always told Papa you want to be there for us each and every single day of our lives and to bring us up yourself.

I remember that shouting every morning by us, when we were getting late for school or college, papa arguing with you to get ready on time, even though we all knew you have to do so much from pressing clothes to making breakfast to getting yourself ready. I also know, that you skipped your breakfast because you were short of time.

That asking you for everything we misplaced because we always know you'll know, even about the things we have misplaced and we know you can't have any idea. That part also where you write 786 on the wall of my room and I always found the thing I lost. It still works you know.

You keeping us in check over everything, never letting us do something you thought was wrong. Even keeping an eye on the type of friends we have, not letting us stay our late.

I don't remember if you ever scolded us, even still we are afraid of you, I am sure we all are and whenever there is something I am about to do wrong, you always pop up in my mind and I stop.

How can I forget you taking care of me in your own way, worried about me, not showing still making it obvious.

That secretly kissing my forehead every single night when I slept and reciting some Quranic verses.

The best part has been the patriotism that I have inherited from you, not ready to listen anything against Pakistan, telling us how your parents struggled to reach Pakistan, how you have supported in everything that has to do with Pakistan.

Also that how you never let any beggar go away empty handed.

And I am pretty sure you don't know it but I was there that day when those three people offered you something like a box full of money to write a wrong medical report in their favor and you told them you won't because you can't make an innocent suffer and that don't want your kids to taste haraam and trust me that was my proudest moment in life, ever.

You know I really don't have much to say about you, because you have been that perfect mother anyone could have wished for. I can go on about the delicious food you cook, your prayers or how great mothers can be and all the normal things mothers do but that would not feel right.

You have done those difficult parts of life so easily and perfectly that now everything with you seems like it is normal that you can do anything, you have the solution to every problem.

To be honest, I always look toward you when I am sad or down, I know when I will talk to you about things it will always make me feel better. Thank you for being such a great Mom. May Allah give you health and a long life ahead - Ameen.

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