Saturday, December 28, 2013

Letter to My Father

You know I am not so good at expressing what and how I feel so writing it down for you to read will be the best possible way. I have always observed how you both have done things, how you both have gone about your life, bringing us up. How you guys have never let us feel what you do for us. Those minor things that were not significant but still were, all your love and care.

Hello Papa.

I remember the times you missed your official lunch and dinners to take us out instead because you wanted to spend time and you taught us that family is the most important thing in life.

That how you taught me to never do anything wrong, to love the people who even hate you, to set good examples in life for others.

I remember every time you announced that whoever will recite more prayers in a day shall be given 50 rupees, for all the times you woke me up to offer prayers.

The habit of reading, I must not forget was because of you. You gave me the confidence, backed me up to write, I still have those 1000 rupees with me you gave me when my first article was published.

I remember every time I call you at night, just told you we have planned to go out tonight and no matter how tired you were, you wanted to go out or not, you always said " Oh betay ka mood hai? Chalo then pick me up " every single time. .

Didn't want you to remember it again but those text messages with short forms which really made no sense still made sense, and made us laugh for hours. I have them saved with me.

I can recall when every time you got late or had to come early from your office because you wanted to drop and pick us up from school so we don't have to travel in vans or rickshaws.

It is just unbelievable how you have set examples for me to follow, when you took me aside to tell me something important, every lesson you taught me in life.

Just by the way, If my memory serves me right, I remember you trying how to drive a car because mama forced you to, because of our comfort.. Umm and you smacking the car in that fruit shop, while we clapped from behind.

I remember whenever you had to tell me something or teach it, you did so quoting an example from your own life because you always know just words don't satisfy me.

Honestly I can say you never ever stopped us from doing anything we wanted to do in life, be it inviting cousins for dinners, for going out, to deciding what we want to be in life, oh yes but I remember you stopping us when we were doing something wrong.

Oh and all the times of your giving importance to what I say, for taking decisions against your will just because it was me who wanted things to happen the way they did.

It was you who gave me the confidence and freedom of living away from home, I remember how you told me never to worry about spending money if you are spending it right and how you never inquired about it.

For listening to my arguments every time and every time I lost my temper, you never said a word, to be honest I am really sorry for all those times.

I remember you taking me for a round along the colony on the motorbike when I was a kid, because I wanted to and then on your way back always buy me something to eat and asking me not to tell mama about it.

And that secretly hiding pocket money under my pillow because I never asked for it. That kissing my forehead every morning.

The best part is you keeping us in touch with our village, taking us there whenever you can, just so that we know what our roots were.

I remember you playing cricket with me even with your backaches just because you know I love cricket so much and you wanted to coach me yourself.

I also remember you cooking food for us when Mama wasn't there, all those cutting onions with wet eyes, tasteless Chicken Karahi and the delicious Aalu ki bhujiya. Oh oh and that trying to make triangular rotis.

To be honest, you are that one person I look towards whenever I need inspiration, or need advice, or whenever I am confused. Thank you for being such a great dad. May Allah give you health and a long life ahead - Ameen.

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  1. This one really brought tears to my eyes. Beautifully written! :')

  2. May your dad live a long, happy, and healthy life. And you too. :)

  3. Beautiful <3...