Saturday, November 2, 2013

An Afternoon Long Ago

Peeked through leafy branches and around street corners,
That golden glow drenched the afternoons.
Filled our senses and warmed our spirits,
That warm and cozy autumn air.
Hip-hopping on e pavement, runny to the park,
Those contented promenades before it turned dark.
Racing to get the swing before that older boy,
Seeing who ran the longest on those red rolling drums.
Running up the slide instead of down it,
Playing ring-a-ring-of-roses, falling on the soft damp grass.
Those heavenly snacks after we trotted back home.
And that little ladybird friend in the matchbox too.
Narrating our busy little life, as loving hands tucked us in,
Sleeping with a kiss on our forehead, waking with one.
Never did we feel the stifling heat or the biting cold,
For lost we were in a world of happiness and love.

By : Fizzah Aziz

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