Sunday, August 25, 2013

The True Face of Islam

I was trying to sleep last night but I couldn't. It was such a strange feeling, this thought in my mind was the reason of my restlessness.

It is so easy to be a shia, sunni, punjabi pathan these days, what we find more difficult is being a Pakistani, a Muslim or even a normal human being.

We are good at complicating things aren't we? Small things gradually leads to bigger things, but we are always in search of big things without laying down a foundation.

Guess I finally got the answer.

We all define Islam in our way. We believe in one god, one prophet and one quran but still our Islam is different. We all consider each other 'kaafir' , we offer prayers in a mosque but my mosque is different, your mosque is different, sunni mosque is different, shia mosque is different, Ahl-E-Hadess mosque is different and barailvi mosque will be different. We bow before one god but we call others non Muslim because they are not offering prayers like we do.

We don't even know the true meaning of Islam but we are ready to kill people for it, we are ready to take a rifle, block the streets for hours to 'help' Islam.

Islam is peace, and peace doesn't come your way until you have a smile on your face, you have a big heart or you are open minded. We should be tolerant, that is what we are missing in our lives.

Is it that difficult for us? What are we at? Instead of making ourselves better, we try to find faults in others. We have the life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) right in front of us.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) spent 40 years of his life as a normal human being and gained credibility. You lived 2/3 of your life in the most illiterate society, and gained the credibility of being truthful, honest, humble, kind, pious, patient, decent, trustworthy and all the good things.

It was after this, that Allah bestowed you as a messenger. When the event of Shab E Mairaj took place, everyone denied it. But everyone was sure that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has never lied in his life, that he is truthful. This was the foundation of Islam. Character is first, other things follow.

But look at our selves. Instead of being a better human and better Muslim or giving importance to character, we are arguing who is a better Muslim, or even who is a Muslim, who is right and who is wrong, pity!

There was only one mosque in the city of Madina, but we have mosques in every second street, yet we are at the worst level of being a Muslim.

How many of us understand Quran, the true meaning of it, the message in it? I guess very few.

We don't offer prayers regularly, if we do, we don't give zakaat, if we give zakaat, we don't fast. If we do all the duties right, we are rude to others we don't stay clean, we abuse, we backbite, we lie, we cheat.

We follow Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), who brushed his teeth before dying, who never wasted a single moment in his life, who stitched his own clothes and shoes, who just to see if his daughter is alright went back home several times a day, who used to have tears in his eyes whenever he saw an orphan, this is Islam.

Who was so trustworthy that even your worst enemies used to shout 'Muhammad, Muhammad' whenever someone asked about the most trustworthy, who was so simple that he used to wash bedsheets of non Muslim guests who stayed at Masjid E Nabwi, this is Islam.

Once a poor man came to you for help, you sold his blanket and stuff, bought him an axe and asked him to go earn an honorable living. It was you who ordered us to keep our eyes down, remove stones and stuff from the road if we see any, respect women, this is Islam.

An old woman used to throw rubbish on you everyday, one day when she didn't you got worried, went to her house, asked after her health, this is Islam.

It was you who forgave everyone when you invaded Makkah. It was you who forgave your biggest enemy Abu Sufiyan, and called his house 'Dar ul Amaan', who forgave the killer of Hazrat Hamza (RA). It was you who was praying for the people of Taif, when they were throwing stones at you, this is Islam.

There wasn't even a single person on planet earth who would have said Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has hurt me, this is Islam.

Yes this Islam, so simple, no complications. We can do so much, we can stop others making fun of us just by our own character, we can actually promote Islam as the religion of peace by our own efforts. There is nothing left to say now. Hope Allah guides us and makes us lucky enough to follow the foot steps of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

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