Thursday, May 24, 2012

Single coin worth a million happiness!

We had just left the restaurant after dinner and it was about midnight, I was not in a good mood due to various reasons and wanted to go back home.

We parked the car and ordered for Ice cream. I was the only one who came out of the car and stood there enjoying the cool breeze. Just then two girls (beggars they call them) one of age around 5 years and the other of about 3 years came near and asked for two rupees.

"Bhai do you have two rupees?" she asked politely.
"Go, may Allah help you!" I replied looking at the waiter who was approaching.

The waiter came, I distributed the scoops to everyone inside the car, took my cup and turned back where that girl along with her younger sister was still standing.

"Bhai please two rupees?" she said again.
"Go away, don't you listen for once!!" I replied kinda strictly.
She kept standing there looking at me.
"What will you do with the two rupees?" I asked politely now.
"Bhai we want to have gol gappas" she replied back in excitement.

I checked my pocket  and fortunately I had two rupees, I handed the coin to the girl and started eating the ice cream again. Just then I started observing what these girls were upto.

Elder one holding the hand of the younger one went to the stall and asked for gol gappas. The man told them they can have only one gol gappa in two rupees and handed them. They looked disappointed but took the plate and sat down on the footpath.

They divided it in to pieces somehow with a spoon, and started eating with huge smiles and happiness and excitement as if its the most delicious thing..

What happened next will always remain a secret with me but never had I imagined that one single coin which I don't even care about meant so much for someone..and never will I forget the smiles on their faces! :)