Wednesday, April 4, 2012

7 reason Humsafar sucked.

By Faryha Awan :)
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Courtesy of Not Another Humsafar Parody off youtube.

Sure, that EP guy is an eye candy and sure, we all love Naveen Waqar and Mahira Khan and sure we all laughed our asses off when saifi goes “phir mujhey Mustafa bhai kiyun achay lagtay hain” in bol.. and sure this was irrelevant.. But still, Hamsafar is a deeply flawed lame novel which could have been completed in 6 episodes yet they HAD to drag it and REPEAT an episode. And on what basis do I dare say that Hamsafar, thou sucketh, is as follow:

1. Messing the household decorum

This show really messed up the household decorum. Now people would have trust issues with each other and would doubt everything nice.
“Ooh wait! Is sasu maa is being nice?? OMG she is gonna play some huge scheme and get me out of this house and ruin my peaceful relationship.”
"Note to self: Not gonna take any favors from my khala. She will eventually ruin my life."
"Oh man I have cousins who live in cities other than Karachi Lahore and Islamabad. They are extremely pendu. They are all chadar mein lipti huwi jahil auratein!! Cheap."

2. It promotes the message of twilight 

Bella Swan is famous for being a whiner. When Edward left her she went all crazy. And even though there were two perfectly handsome guys in her life, she still chose to become suicidal for the one who ditched her. Well, don’t we see the same behavior from Sara?
“A guy is not that into me, I should stop eating, do crazy shit, lay with fire, get my mom a constant headache and in the end kill myself because there apparently aren’t any other guys in the world”
“On the other hand… A guy is head over heels after me. He is hot, rich, funny and I have had shown him green gardens... AAAAHHH screw him, death FTW!”

3. Sterotypes

It enhances the status quo sort of stereotypes in the society. Some may call it norms, but they are strictly stereotypes if one observes closely and doesn’t have  retardation/hamsafar genes in oneself. Let’s see:
a.       Rich people have no family values.
b.      Rich people are mean.
c.       Rich people have way too much free time.
d.      Rich people are sly.
e.      They are goddamn criminal masterminds.
f.        Poor people are only religious people.
g.       Poor people have a magnitude of niceness of mother Teresa raise to the power 3486356. (I am talking about Batool khala here.)

4. Complexing the kids since October '11 

Or September or whatember I don’t know when. But seriously, they kid was sucha nadeedi! Ketchup, khilonay, ice cream, storybooks. Like hadh hai! And then poor kids of nation who were forced to shut up because mommy wanted silence during the drama would look at Hareem that how her dad would just shower her with gifts would then get complexed. It just spoiled the children or made them feel bad. No child should be this much spoiled.

5. Hero is a pus- I mean Wuss

  • Seriously Man, H cries a lot!!!!  He was being compared to Edward. ‘Nuff said. 
  • He believes in everyone but his wife.
  • Reads letters always a bit too late.
  • Needs guard to throw ONE man out of his office, a slap wouldn’t have hurt your soft hands, ya know.

6. Creating a sadistic female populace.
Every hamsafar freak wants an Edward cum Asher husband with 20% element of water in him and 80% the element of jealousy and possessiveness and insecurity.
Every Hamsafar freak wants a life like Khirad. It includes being an orphan, being poor, having Cruela de Ville as mummy jee, getting kicked out during pregnancy, giving birth at a government hospital, having a defected child and being the reason of a girl committing suicide. 

7. The Song is totally opposite of storyline!

Tark-e-taaluqaat pe, roya na tu na mein
lekin ye kiya k chain say, soya na tu na mein.
Bitch please, even the “GUY” in that relation was crying till last episode.

Woh hamsafar tha, magar us say humnawai na thi,
k dhoop chaaoon ka alam raha, judai na thi.
Acha hamnawai nahi thi, hareem tou scratch card se nikli thi na. 

Adawatein thin, taghaful tha, ranjishen thin magar,
Bicharnay walay mein, sab kuch the bewafai na thi.
Yeaahhh.. Remember the time you walked in on your wife getting cozy with another man and you thought she cheated on you. Wasn’t that the story? 

Okay last point was more for humor than as critique, but Hamsafar is totally overrated. But hey, whatever keeps you ladies away from lame starplus and colors and shit.
Later then.


  1. ALLAH....

    rafay! its not about just humsafar. now a days every drama is the real drama actually having not a pinch of reality... but... ok. hareem lgta hy k waqae scratch card say i thi. hehehe.

  2. Hahah Rida to be honest I haven't even watched any episode of Humsafar or any other Drama for the past 3 years or so, but yes well you are absolutely right they can never be close to reality :)

  3. I Haven't Watched It Even Once, So I Won't Say That It Sucks But I'd Say That Every Drama These Days Promote False And Unreliable Virtues Of People And How They Live. I Get It That It's A Drama But Seriously, It Is Just Too Much.