Saturday, April 7, 2012

Load Shedding and Lazy Me!

I seriously don't feel like writing anything. I had like 20+ articles planned but I just don't have the stamina to write. Thanks to 12 hour load shedding which has finished any remaining chances :D

It seriously is strange, A few streets away is the house of Pakistan's Prime Minister. Full security 24/7. No shortage of electricity, everything safe and sound. But here, thieves around, motor bikes snatched, people shot and no electricity. How can a world differ 360 degree in the same colony? well then its Pakistan.

Is it spring or summer! Multan is easily the first city that shows signs of burning heat which we will have to deal with in the coming months. My day ends asa soon as the clock shows 12pm. All I can do is to sit in my room, listen to music or read a book. Yes and I have been concentrating on eating a lot :P

Talking about books, I have started reading the Vampire Diaries Series and it sure will bring my routine and love for reading back. I also have stated the season II after lots requests from my roommates, I still want to read the books before I watch the seasons.

Hamza has been insisting on a new laptop, Tamur has been insisting on a new cellphone, and I want a new book rack..

And well no cricket these days so I won't be able to write about it. Have no interest in what's going on in IPL etc. Ohh and this has got to be one of the shortest Post ever by me.

But wait!! I went to Lahore a couple weeks back. We attended a marriage ceremony and it was fun, We just had two days to enjoy and I was visiting Lahore after a gap of 6 years. First day passed in the tension of the Asia Cup final, It was worth missing the mehndi. Scenes after the match were beyond explaining. People shouting and chanting in streets, I even saw people crying :D The next day was good as it was the Shaadi and all we did was to sit, drink and eat :D At night we visited fortress, and that was fun. Especially the dangerous rides :P All us cousins planned a super duper sunday, plans for visiting the border, Picnic etc but thanks to Papa and Mama we had to come back due to an emergency case at the hospital.

hmm enough for now, I'm not even gonna bother about the spelling or grammatical errors, I feel lazy :D 


  1. intresting !
    once in my english oral i used the "load shedding " word. and my teacher asked "what ? " in a tone like this word was my invention. Same for trousers when i call it "pants"... i feel awkward.. but engliqh so changing language, don't know what to think about.

    take care of ur english even though i didn't noticed any errors. because u r like my english teacher : )


  2. Thank you so much, I wrote this in complete NOMOOD mode so I don't even know what I have written :D

  3. have you tried to give your address in this post rafay? ;-)

  4. haha no I have just tried to explain the difference of two streets :D

  5. Using 'Power-cuts or Blackouts' might be a better option while addressing loadshedding. I think 'loadshedding' is a legit word but since all the word checkers highlight it as a wrong word, I use different ones.

    The only thing that's thinkable these days is 'What'll happen in a few months', they are doing 20hours of loadshedding per day. It is just so frustrating that I don't know what to do. I wonder if everyone gets frustrated like that or they have just gotten accustomed to all of it.

  6. Danial Asif: Well I know you are right I should have used Power cuts most probably but I was just trying to convey it in my normal language and you know what my spell checker doesnot highlight it :D